Unit 6 Cells

Nicole Koller
Secondary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Senior High School


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     Watch the podcast and complete the learning activities for each section.  When you feel ready, take the quiz.  You must earn 75% on the quiz before moving to the next section.  After all quizzes have been passed, take the unit test.  You must earn 75% on the unit test to proceed.
     If you would like to raise your grade, complete enrichment activities to add to your learning activities grade or retake quizzes or tests.

Use the links below to access podcasts and quizzes.  Some documents can also be cliked on to print an extra copy.



Section 1: Cell Theory and Microscopes
Cell Theory and Microscopes Podcast
Podcast: Cell Theory (for Ipod)
Parts of the Microscope Worksheet
Cell Theory Review
Quiz: Cell Theory and Microscopes

 Section 2: Types of Cells
Podcast: Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes
Podcast: Pro vs. Eu (for Ipod)
Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes Venn Diagram
Podcast: Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells
Podcast: Plant vs. Animal Cells (for Ipod)
Plant vs. Animal Cells Venn Diagram
Plant and Animal Cell Colorings
Quiz: Types of Cells

Section 3: Cellular Organelles
Podcast: Cellular Organelles and Their Functions
Podcast: Cellular Organelles (for Ipods on Screencast.com)
Cellular Organelle Matching
Project: 3-D Cell Model
Lab: Scientific Drawings of Cells
Quiz: Organelles

Section 4: The Cell Membrane & Molecular Transport
Podcast: Structure of the Cell Membrane
Podcast: Cell Membrane (for Ipods on Screencast.com)
Phospholipid Bilayer Worksheet
Podcast: Molecular Transport
Podcast: Molecular Transport (for Ipods on Screencast.com)
Molecular Transport Graphic Organizer and Review
Lab: Diffusion and Osmosis
Quiz: Cell Membrane and Molecular Transport

Unit Review
Essential Questions
Cells Review Stations
Cells Study Guide
Test: Unit 6 Cells

Cells Enrichment Activities

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