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Angela Dennis
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My name is Angela Doyle Dennis, and I am the RtII Specialist (Response to Intervention and Instruction) at the Senior High School.

RtII is a general education led effort, implemented within the education system, coordinated with all other services to provide instructional interventions in major subject areas, immediately upon student need. The goal of RtII is to improve student achievement using research-based interventions matched to the instructional needs and levels of the students. Here at Governor Mifflin High School we are currently addressing these needs through a Learning Resource Center, where both teacher and peer tutoring take place. This year we also started the HELP Program, which is an after school program (on Tuesdays and Thursdays till 4:00) which offers students a place to go to do work, receive tutoring if necessary, or use computers and other resources.I hope to continue to create and coordinate even more opportunities to help ALL of our students function to the best of their ability, reach all of their goals, and be work or school-ready by the end of their high school years.

My office area is located in the LRC (Learning Resource Center rm 141a) and the phone extention is x6770.  I can also be reached by email at:

Thank you!


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