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This page will have two parts: one directed toward information about gifted students, programs, etc. and one exploring different opportunities for our children, outside of school. If you are aware of any opportunities, please let me know so I can share them with everyone! Thanks for your patience and assistance in getting this page to its' full potential!


 Gifted information

As a parent of a gifted child, there are lots of things to consider when making parenting decisions. To better prepare yourself for some of the challenges that lie ahead, there are many books written just for you! There is also a long list of books written for your children to help them understand what it means to be gifted and where/how they fit in with their peers. If you are interested in any of this information, I suggest checking out some of the resources below:

-Here is an article on the Top 10 Books for Parenting Gifted Children

-PAGE, or the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, has been a fantastic resource for me as a teacher, and has a whole section for you as parents! Please take a look if you have any questions about what it means to be gifted, if your child is gifted, what being gifted entails, or anything else!

-The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) also provides a plethora of applicable information regarding gifted children.

-Governor Mifflin has it's very own parent advocate group for gifted students called MAGS. You can find more information regarding membership information, meeting times, and student activities HERE.

**Sometimes it's tricky to find books that are appropriate in both reading level and content. Here are some reading lists and tips!

-A list of the Top 10 Books for Gifted Children (fun books to read, though not necessarily about being gifted)

-A list of great books with 'gifted' characters that gifted students love to read!

-An article by Scholastic with tips on choosing appropriate books


Opportunities for Growth

As a gifted teacher, I received a number of brochures and pamphlets related to camps and workshops for gifted students. Below, I will continue to post new opportunities for gifted students and parents, or will update it with cultural opportunities within the community. This section will have the most options available toward the end of the school year, as many programs are available during the summer months. If you are aware of any opportunities you'd like to share, please let me know and I'll post them for all to see!

-Hempfield's Gifted teacher is running two fantastic camps this summer in Lancaster County. One is a Movie Making Camp for rising 4th-7th graders. Another is an Olympic camp for rising 6th-8th graders. I will attach the flyers as soon as I get the uploader working!

-Millersville University is offering two technology camps for students going into grades 3-12. They will be offered on Millersville's campus. Registration information can be found here:

-Camp Invention is a program that allows for hands-on exploration of topics in science. Many of our 1st-6th graders have enjoyed attending Camp Invention in the summer, but it is now also available for 7th-9th graders! For more information, click here:

-Carnegie Mellon has an institute for gifted and talented students called C-MITES. This program offers multiple opportunities for growth and exploration. There are weekend camps, summer camps, and resources for parents.

-SIGS (Summer Institute for the Gifted) offers children ages 9-17 the incredible opportunity to attend day or residential camps! These camps are designed specifically for gifted students to help them explore new areas of study and challenge their abilites. The closest location (I believe) is Bryn Mawr College.

-In our own back yard, RACC's Miller Center for the Arts is offering quite a few different art exhibits, drama productions, and even opera shows! Please check out the website for more information.

-Kutztown University also offers many theatrical opportunities for children and families to enjoy. These things are organized by KU Presents! and more info can be found at their website.

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