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Kiersten Marquart
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Parent Letter

Student's Guide

Student Checklist Intro

Podcast Notes Sheet

Essential Questions


Practice Worksheet for Introduction to Lab

Scientific Method

Student Checklist Sci Method

Podcast Notes Sheet

Essential Questions Sci Method

Vocabulary Sci Method

Section 1: Beliefs, Theories, & Laws

Podcast Follow-Along Notes: Beliefs, Hypotheses, Laws

Summary: Beliefs, Hypotheses, Laws

Section 2: The Scientific Method

Podcast Follow-Along Notes:The Scientific Method

Graphic Organizer: The Scientific Method

Section 3: Elements of a Controlled Experiment

Podcast Follow-Along Notes: Comtrolled Experiment

Graphic Organizer: Elements of a Controlled Experiment

Graphic Organizer: Controlled Experiment

Podcast Follow-Along Notes:Observations

Coin Activity

Unit 1 - Matter

Student Checklist Unit 1

Podcast Notes Sheet

Essential Questions Unit 1

Vocabulary Unit 1

Section 1: Classification of Matter

Bead Activity:Classification of Matter

Graphic Organizer: Matter

Worksheet: Elements, Compunds, and Mixtures

Section 2: Physical & Chemical Properties

Worksheet: Physical or Chemical Property?

Section 3: States of Matter & Changes of State

Graphic Organizer: States of Matter

Section 4: Chemical & Physical Changes

Worksheet: Physical or Chemical?

Unit 1 Review Questions

Unit 2 - Math for Chemistry

Student Checklist Unit 2

Podcast Notes Sheet

Essential Questions Unit 2

Vocabulary Unit 2

Section 1: Volume and Density

Practice Problems: Volume

Practice Problems: Density

Section 2: Significant Digits (Sig Figs)

Inquiry Activity: Significant Figures

Sig Figs Reference Sheet

Practice Problems: Sig Figs

Section 3: Scientific Notation

Practice Problems: Scientific Notation

Practice Probelms: Sig Figs and Sci Notation

Section 4: SI and Metric System

Practice Problems: SI and the Metric System

Section 5: Dimensional Analysis

Conversion Chart

Practice Problems: English System Conversions

Practice Problems: Metric Conversions

Practice Problems: English/Metric Conversions

Unit 2 Review

Student Checklist Unit 2

Podcast Notes Sheet

Essential Questions Unit 2

Vocabulary Unit 2

Unit 4 - Nomenclature

Podcast Notes Sheet

U4 Follow Along Notes

Essential Questions Unit 4

Vocabulary Unit 4

Section 1: Ionic Compounds

Binary Ionic Compounds Worksheet

TM Ionic Compunds Worksheet

Polyatomic Ions Compounds Worksheet

Section 2: Acids

Naming Acids Worksheet

Section 3: Covalent Compounds

Covalent Compounds Worksheet

Section 4: Hydrates

Hydrates Worksheet

Unit 5 - The Mole

Section 1: The Mole

What's a Mole Worksheet

Mole Practice Worksheet

Measuring Moles of Elements Worksheet

Mole Conversions (one step)

Mole Conversions (two steps)

Formula Mass Worksheet

Converting Moles for Compounds Worksheet

Section 2: % Composition, Emp and Molecular Formulas

Percent Composition Worksheet

Empirical Formula Worksheet

Molecular Formula Worksheet






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