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School discipline is an important component to the overall Safe Schools initiative. Many circumstances that require a disciplinary response are detailed in Section 200 of the Districts Policies. The student handbook, which is provided at the beginning of each school year for student and parent review, is a good tool for quickly referencing a school discipline response.

Occasionally, incidents occur on school property that extend beyond a mere infraction of the disciplinary code and enter into the realm of criminal conduct. When incidents such as this occur, it is protocol for building administrators to consult with the Director of Safe Schools/School Police Officer to review appropriate response beyond school discipline consequences.

Examples of such incidents include but are not limited to:

  • Fighting / Assault
  • Trespass
  • Possession of Tobacco on school grounds
  • Possession or Consumption of Alcohol
  • Possession or Consumption of Controlled Substances
  • Defiant disregard for school policy resulting in a classroom distraction or re-direction of staff members' primary duties
  • Threats
  • Harassment

When circumstances such as above occur, the Director of Safe Schools/School Police Officer may issue a summary citation after conducting a complete investigation of the incident. The summary citation is handled as a separate issue from school discipline and is filed with the local magistrate for adjudication.

For students who are under the age of 18 years and have no prior contact with the justice system, an alternative program can be considered. If determined appropriate, the student may be referred to the Berks County Youth Aid program.

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