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Governor Mifflin's telephone TIP LINE is a method of communication for district residents, students' parents and students who may have information or concerns of a sensitive matter.

The TIP LINE IS designed to help people provide confidential information pertaining to school safety issues. Examples of information that you may wish to provide through the GM TIP LINE include:

  • Concerns regarding district facility safety.
  • Concerns regarding school bus transportation issues.
  • Concerns regarding "bullying" within our school setting.
  • Concerns regarding student safety issues both during the school day and after school hours.
  • "Tips" concerning activities that may disrupt the school or learning environment.
  • "Tips" concerning possible criminal activity affecting members of our school family including, staff and students.

If you have information or a concern you feel is appropriate to be communicated to the District, you may leave an anonymous message on the TIP LINE. The Governor Mifflin TIP LINE phone number is 610-603-2232.

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