11th Grade Physical Information

Melissa Fullerton
By Melissa Fullerton June 4, 2020 13:44

Governor Mifflin High School Physicals

The Pennsylvania Public School Code Section 1402 Health Services (e) requires that students upon original entry, 6th grade and 11th grade be given a “comprehensive appraisal” of their health. Please follow the directions below to indicate your choice of examination; an examination by your own physician or the school physician. A physical within one year of the start of 11th grade is acceptable and a copy of the physical or click here for a physical form that must be completed and given to the school nurse.

Please email High School Nurse Betsy Heck with the following information:

Name of Student 


Include one of the following to indicate your preference for 11th grade physical:

  • I prefer an examination by my own physician.
  • I prefer an examination by the school physician.

If you have any questions, please contact the Governor Mifflin High School Nurse’s Office at (610) 775- 5089 extension 6623, or at betsy.heck@gmsd.org.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Melissa Fullerton
By Melissa Fullerton June 4, 2020 13:44