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2018 Budget Town Hall

On April 30, 2018, the Governor Mifflin School District held a town hall meeting regarding district finances. Residents were invited to submit questions about the district budget. Governor Mifflin superintendent, Dr. Steve Gerhard, and the district’s chief financial officer, Diane Richards, provided information in response to the questions submitted.

Click here to watch the full video presentation.

Click here to view the slides from the presentation.

The presentation is also divided in segments below. Click the title to view a summary of the segment and the video clip.

Fast Facts and Comparative Data

A summary of the district demographics and comparative data that shows how Governor Mifflin compares to other school districts in Berks County.

2018-2019 District Budget

A detailed look at the proposed 2018-2019 district budget, with specific information on revenue, expenditures, and the fund balance.

Costs for Community Outreach

A specific question about the district’s cost to provide placemats to local restaurants promoting Youth Art Month.

District Pension Costs

Answers to several questions regarding the state pension plan for district employees.

What happens if we have no tax increase?

Projection models show the potential deficit if the district had no property tax increase over a five-year period.

School building budgets

An explanation of how building/department budgets are managed.

School police officers

A comparison of the district’s current school security model versus the use of municipal police/school resource officers.

Special Education

Answers to specific questions about staffing to accommodate the number of special education students in the district.

School Board voting records/property taxes

Resources to help find voting records regarding property taxes. The state’s funding formula for schools is also addressed.

Property Tax referendum

Clarification on the 2017 referendum on property taxes and the district stance on alternative funding sources.

Click here to view the 2017 Budget Town Hall meeting.

Next Budget Town Hall Meeting: April 27, 2022

The Budget Town Hall meeting is held annually in April. The next Budget Town Hall will take place on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Governor Mifflin Intermediate School Cafeteria. 

This event provides a detailed explanation of the district finances and offers an opportunity for the public to submit questions regarding the district budget.

Members of the public are encouraged to submit budget questions at any time using the form below. These questions will receive a response directly and may be used to create a frequently asked questions section of this page.


Official budget documents that are submitted to the state are available for public review by clicking here.