3/4 Message from Mr. McKay regarding an update to the 7-12 instructional model

Melissa Fullerton
By Melissa Fullerton March 4, 2021 15:34

Hello Governor Mifflin families,

Thank you for your continued support as we look toward the final months of this school year.

Please click here for a video message with details regarding an update to our instructional model.

In summary, beginning Monday, March 22, we will make the following changes to our instructional model:

  • Grades 7-12 will remain in the half-day hybrid model
  • We will eliminate asynchronous work for grades 7-12. Students in grades 7-12 will attend in-person for half of the school day and will join a live stream for the other half of the day.
  • One asynchronous learning day will be scheduled each month in March, April, and May to offer staff planning time related to the live streaming process.
  • Class schedules will alternate every other day, so that students will experience all classes in person throughout the week.
  • Seniors will be invited to return to full in-person learning so that they can finish their final year with us with an option and the advantage of full in-person instruction and support. Even if the full senior class opts to return to in-person instruction, we are still within the capacity to allow for physical distancing at the high school.

PreK-Grade 6 will continue to provide full-day, in-person instruction five days per week as they have since the beginning of the school year.

The current virtual learning option will remain in place for all families (7-12) who choose to stay virtual.

While we would like to have all of our 7-12 students return to full-day instruction in our schools, at this time, that would make it impossible for us to maintain the physical distancing of six feet as defined in our district Health and Safety Plan and in the attestation form that we submitted to the state in November. By eliminating asynchronous work and moving to a live streaming model, we can double our learning capacity and finish our year strong!

Next week will mark one year since the pandemic forced us to close our schools. As I reflect on all that we have accomplished together as a community, I cannot help but feel proud and grateful for the force that is Mustang Nation!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Bill McKay
Governor Mifflin School District

Melissa Fullerton
By Melissa Fullerton March 4, 2021 15:34