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Student Arrival

Students who are dropped off may enter the school at 8:10 AM. Please do not bring your child to school before 8:10 because there is no one available to supervise them. You may drop your child off at the curb, but you may not allow them to cross the parking lot or driveway at any time. Please move your car as soon as your child is dropped off to help traffic flow. A map of the arrival and dismissal procedures can be found on the inside back cover.

Instruction begins at 8:45. We recommend that students arrive by 8:30. Students who arrive by 8:30 have the chance to get organized before lessons start at 8:45. After 8:45, parents must accompany their child into the office to sign them in and provide a note stating the reason for their late arrival. 

Student Dismissal

Dismissal time requires patience and cooperation to keep the routine orderly and safe for all children. Please follow these guidelines:

    • Provide a written note in advance of the pick-up date.
    • You must park and come into the school to check in with the staff member who holds the clipboard. Volunteers who are already in the building must check in as well. 
    • Be prepared to show identification to school personnel. If you do not have identification, you may have to wait until an administrator or designee can ask you a series of questions to verify your identity. 
    • When your child arrives, please leave the building immediately and move your car off the school grounds, so our buses can get through.