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All students in kindergarten through grade four receive a structured library experience on a regularly scheduled basis. There is a curriculum and objectives, but the most important goal is to introduce the library and its books as wonderful, exciting possibilities.


Brecknock children are encouraged to use the library frequently. Children may check out and return books on any school day.

All students select their own library books. Students taking books also take on the responsibility of caring for the book. Keeping it in a safe place and telling the library staff if they have noticed tears, crayoning, pages missing, or other things are all part of this responsibility.


Overdue notices are written to remind the student to return the book. Parents are notified of the price when the book is at least one month overdue. Payment must be made to the library. If a book that has been paid for is found and returned to the library, the money will be refunded.


If a book or magazine is damaged or destroyed, the parent is informed of the cost of the material. When it is paid, the student may request the material to be sent home on the last day of school.

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