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American Education Week

Governor Mifflin School District celebrates American Education Week violation in November. The dates of visitation are Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th, 2020 from 9:00-3:00. Parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom to observe the learning environment in the school. Watch for more information on this important event.

Art – Mrs. Amy Smith

The art program at Brecknock engages students with a wide variety of artistic experiences. Students learn about concepts, such as line, color, shape, design, and three-dimensional structures through hands-on activity. Some lessons include teaching about a “master artist” through which students learn to recognize artists and their styles. Various media, such as charcoal, pastels, watercolor, clay, colored pencils, crayons, tempra paint, paper mache, markers, and cut paper are used to prepare a final product. Because of the media used in art class, very causal dress is suggested for art class day. Paint shirts or cover-ups are available in class. 

All students exhibit at least one work of art in the Brecknock Art Show in the spring.

Art Goes to School

Students participate in a program where volunteers present artists and their artworks. A museum-like experience takes place right in the art room.

Art Show, Open House and Book Fair

The Art Show is held in conjunction with the annual Book Fair and Open House. Every student has a piece of artwork displayed throughout the halls. Parents may visit classrooms on this evening. Student projects and other accomplishments are on display in the classroom. This event is held in the spring.

Author Tea

The Brecknock Author Tea features original creative student writing. This special event recognizes excellence in writing. Children are selected to participate by their classroom teacher. Not every child is selected to participate and the writing is selected based on its merits.

Birthday Books Project

This project allows parents to donate a book to the Brecknock Library in honor of your child’s birthday. Books are selected by the librarian and presented to your child on his/her birthday or half-birthday with a bookplate acknowledging your child’s gift. The book circulates first with your child and then becomes part of the library collection. 

Birthday Recognitions

Classroom teachers recognize each student’s birthday and may provide a non-food item such as a sticker or novelty item.

The Elementary Administrative Team has eliminated birthday treats for three reasons: 1.) The District Wellness Policy states that food offered to students during the school day must promote student health and reduce childhood obesity. 2) Not all children are able to bring in treats or party favors. 3) Distribution of birthday treats or party favors detracts from instructional time. If birthday treats or party favors are sent in from home, they will not be distributed. A call will be made for the parents to come to school to pick up the treats.

Party invitations may be sent to school only if every child in the class will receive an invitation. Students should give the invitations to their teacher to distribute. 

Brecknock News Team

Morning announcements start our school day. In addition to the announcements, the weather, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a patriotic song are led by the News Team members. The news program is broadcasted into each classroom before the start of the school day. You may view the broadcasts by clicking on the News Team link on the Brecknock webpage.

Field Day – Mrs. Jennifer Ludwig

In the spring, students participate in half-day of activities to demonstrate physical skills and sportsmanship. Watch for details in May!

Field Trips

To extend grade-level curriculum, educational field trips are planned. Teachers provide information to the parents when field trips are scheduled. Parent chaperones, when needed, are selected by the teacher from those parents who have indicated interest. All parent chaperones must have their volunteer clearances approved in advance. See page 10 for an explanation of clearances. Please be aware that not all parents are selected for these trips as we are limited in the number of people who may attend.

Gifted Education Program (GEP) – Mrs. Rachel Sebastian

The goal of the Governor Mifflin School District’s Elementary Gifted Program is to acknowledge the need for gifted students to work with other like-minded students. The program builds a community of learners that learns both independently and collaboratively. In a group setting, students are engaged in project-based learning which covers science, social studies, math and literacy. Throughout the program, students develop higher order thinking skills, including creative thinking, critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving. In addition, students will receive differentiated instruction within their regular education classroom to extend the grade level curriculum and challenge their abilities.

Halloween Parade

Every year our Halloween celebration and parade occur in the month of October. Our costumed students parade around our grounds and conclude with classroom parties. Watch for information to come home in early October. As you plan your child’s costume, please note the following rules:

    • Costumes must adhere to strict guidelines that meet standards that are appropriate for young children.
    • Students may not wear violent themes, costumes that are offensive for a young audience, or costumes representing bloody body parts or mutilation/distortion of human beings or animals.
    • Students may not carry anything that could create a danger in school. This includes props such as baseball bats, witches brooms, hockey sticks, etc.
    • Toy weapons and look-alikes are prohibited in keeping with our weapons policy. By following these guidelines, we have a fun and safe celebration for everyone.

Holiday Celebrations

Classrooms observe four celebrations during the school year: Halloween, December holidays, Valentines’ Day, and end of the school year. Teachers coordinate with parent volunteers to have limited treats for these occasions.

Library Instruction – Mrs. Candace Meshey

All students in kindergarten through grade four receive a structured library experience. There is curriculum and objectives, but the most important goal is to nurture a love of reading by introducing the library as a resource full of wonderful, exciting possibilities.

Meet the Teacher Night

The purpose of this evening event is for parents to become acquainted with their child’s teacher and for the teacher to explain the daily activities and curricula. This event occurs very early in the school year.

Open House

In the spring, parents have the opportunity to visit classrooms during Open House nights. Examples of student projects and other accomplishments of the year are on display. Teachers highlight the academic progress of the children.

Parents as Reading Partners (PARP)

PARP encourages reading between children and parents. PARP calendars document reading time and are issued on a monthly basis, October through March. Students who participate are awarded with a free book of their choosing, twice during the school year, and a special certificate at the conclusion of the program. The books are generously provided by the PTO. As part of their homework, all students are required to read at home on a daily basis. We ask parents to support this life-long habit by completing the PARP calendar each month. 

Physical Education – Mrs. Jennifer Ludwig

Physical education classes at Brecknock introduce students to a variety of activities, games, and sports designed to develop physical and social skills. Your child should wear sneakers and comfortable clothes for exercise and play. If your child needs to be excused from the physical education class (due to illness, injury, etc.), a note from the doctor is needed. The note should specify restrictions and date of return for normal activity. Activities are modified appropriately for students with physical needs.

Preschool Storytime

Brecknock Elementary hosts Preschool Storytimes in the library. Storytimes begin at 6:30 p.m. There is no pre-registration to attend. All dates subject to change due to inclement weather. Please refer to the district calendar for dates.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

First grade students participate in RIF through the generosity of the UGI Utilities Corporation and the Brecknock PTO. Three book giveaways occur during the year and each celebrates reading with a special theme and activity. The children enjoy this special day which is coordinated by the reading specialists.

Sharing Through the Arts Day

Parents and local artists demonstrate their talent or trade. The children travel to different stations during the day to either watch or actively participate in the demonstration.

Spring Concert – Mr. Brain Beears

Two concerts occur at the end of the school year. First graders perform a variety of songs and poems learned through the year. Fourth graders participate in musical performances as a culminating event to their years at Brecknock. Our music teacher directs these excellent musical productions.

STEM Innovation Experience – Mrs. Rachel Sebastian

The Governor Mifflin School District STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experience is called innovation. All students visit the innovation classroom twice a month to participate with their classroom teacher in a variety of engineering and design challenges, project based learning, and technology-infused learning experiences. This program is designed with the goal of preparing students to be career, college and future ready. A strong STEM foundation is essential to developing the skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that students need for future success. Our vision is to integrate these learning skills into their STEM foundation and to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Talk to your child about their experiences in the innovation classroom.

Student Assistance Program (SAP) – Ms. Kelsey Davis

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) identifies students with concerns that interfere with learning. The SAP team works to promote referrals to the appropriate school and community resources to address the concern. The Governor Mifflin Elementary Schools work closely with mental health professionals from the community and with a Student Assistance Professional from the Caron Foundation. Brecknock School is able to provide school-based counseling services for qualified students to facilitate positive growth and impact school performance. For information, contact the School Counselor, Ms. Kelsey Davis.

Vocal and Instrumental Music – Mr. Brain Beears

During music classes at Brecknock, all students participate in a variety of vocal and instrumental experiences. Students learn the main elements of music: beat and rhythm, dynamics and tempo, melody and harmony, form, and tone color. Third graders learn to read music as they play the electronic keyboard and recorders. All fourth grade students participate in a musical performance at the end of the year to commemorate their years as a Brecknock student. Fourth grade students are invited to participate in group instructional lessons during the school day. 

Welcome Wagon

The Welcome Wagon helps new students feel more comfortable with our building and staff. Older students introduce new students to staff members while touring the building. This program is coordinated by second grade teacher, Mrs. Ann Feinour.