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The following special education services are provided for eligible students:

    • Learning Support (LS) program
    • Emotional Support (ES) program
    • Speech and Language Support (SLS)
    • Gifted Enrichment Program (GEO)


Students experiencing difficulties in reading may receive services through:

    • Title I
    • Instructional Support Team (IST)/Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII)


RtII is a building-based team approach program designed to meet the needs of regular education students who are experiencing difficulty academically and/or behaviorally within the classroom setting. The team assesses a student’s needs and designs a plan with interventions to enable the student to meet with success in the classroom.

The following procedures occur:

    • Information is gathered for an overview of the student’s academic or behavioral strengths and deficits.
    • The support teacher contacts the parents.
    • Assessment data is collected.
    • A team meeting is conducted. The team writes an action plan with specific interventions.
    • The action plan is implemented, and the student is progress monitored for a period of time.
    • A progress review meeting is held to determine the success of the interventions.

The progress review results in one of the following:

    • Intervention strategies/programs have been successful, and the case is closed.
    • Intervention strategies/programs are being continued and progress of the student continues to be monitored
    • Intervention strategies/programs are being redesigned.
    • The student is being referred to a multi-disciplinary team for further evaluation


Cumru’s CARE Team is patterned after the ESAP (Elementary Student Assistance Program) model. It is designed to identify students, who are experiencing barriers to learning and school success, and to intervene and refer these students to the appropriate community resources. It is an intervention program, not a means to diagnose, provide or refer for treatment. The CARE Team has received intensive training provided by the Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU), an educational service agency. Members of the Team include the principal, guidance counselor, school nurse, instructional support teacher and a classroom teacher.

Involvement in this process is confidential, voluntary and requires written parental permission to proceed to an intervention by appropriate community resources. Referrals are based on observable behaviors of the student. A teacher, administrator or parent may make a confidential referral to the CARE Team.

A case manager is assigned who will gather preliminary information and schedule a meeting with the parent(s) to share this information with the family, obtain additional information, and discuss the referral. The parent can either sign permission for outside agency involvement or refuse intervention services.

The program is governed by federal and state laws as well as school policies and procedures and is supported by the Department of Education, which provides professional standards and guidelines for its operation. Records are kept separate from the student’s permanent files and only trained team members have access to them.


English As A Second Language (ESL) classes are available for children whose first language is not English. ESL screenings take place at all school buildings. With the exception of students in the Life Skills program, students who quality for ESL will be transferred to Mifflin Park Elementary School to work with the on-site ESL teacher. ESL class times vary according to the need of each student. The K-4 Life Skills program is offered only at Cumru Elementary.