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The Cumru library is always open! All students select their own library books, daily if there is time in the classroom schedule. All books are processed for a one-week circulation period. The last date on the card in the pocket is the date the book is due.

Students borrowing books also take on an important responsibility. Caring for the book, keeping it in a safe place and telling the library staff if they notice damage to the book (tears, crayoning, pages missing, etc.) are all part of that responsibility.


Magazines are an overnight material optional to grades three and four (beginning in October) and grade two (the second half of the year). They need special care and are circulated in a plastic folder.


Kindergarten students learn the love of literature and library procedures. Starting with a limited selection, the students visit the library daily to learn the way to “borrow” a book, and the way to return that book and select another. After the first academic quarter, the selection expands to all of the Easy section as students learn how to select from shelves kept in alphabetical order.


First grade students review the library procedures introduced in Kindergarten. First grade students may select books from the Easy section and later in the year may choose from special shelves of non-fiction containing the easiest informational books. Parents desiring more difficult informational material are encouraged to visit the library and sign out materials for their children. Practicing developing reading skills is vital in first grade, and reading aloud should transition from parent-to-child and become parent-to-child-to-parent on the child’s reading level.


Second grade students may select books from the total library collection. Soon after school begins they may take two books at a time. Self-selection of materials that they can read independently is a priority. Students should now be reading to themselves for enjoyment and information, but having parents read aloud to them is still very important. Hearing language patterns and fluent reading are critical parts of early literacy.

Also, as the books 2nd graders choose are longer selections, please remember the books are due one week from check-out, as the date indicates on the card in the book pocket.  If more time is needed, the student must bring the book back into the library to “renew” that book for an additional week.


After an orientation with the Librarian to review library procedures, third and fourth grade students may select books from the total library collection. Students may select two books but depending on classroom reading activities, students may have three or four books checked out at one time. Students should review the “renewal” procedure because this is used quite frequently in third grade. Also, third and fourth graders will be scheduled for lessons with the Librarian to introduce the library collection listed on the computer. They may also participate in several reading enrichment activities.


All books are signed out for seven days. The date stamped on the card in the book pocket is the date the book is due back into the library. Overdue notices are given to students after the book is overdue.

After the book is at least one week overdue, a written reminder with the book title is given to the student in a sealed envelope. This envelope should be taken to the parent so everyone knows that a book is overdue and the name of the book involved.

When the book is returned or the parent has sent a note accepting financial responsibility, the child can (with parental agreement) begin taking other materials from the library.

If a book that has been paid for is found and returned to the library, the money will be refunded.


If a book or magazine is damaged or destroyed, a note is sent to the parent listing the cost of the material. When it has been paid for, students may begin borrowing books again.


All K-2 students receive a structured library experience weekly for 30 minutes. Grades 3 & 4 have lessons on alternating weeks for 40 minutes. There is a library curriculum, but the most important goal is to introduce the library and its books as wonderful, exciting possibilities.


The “Birthday Books” program allows parents to donate books to the Cumru Library in honor of students’ birthdays (or half-birthdays, if the birthdate falls during the summer vacation or in September or October). An invitation to participate is sent home in September, books are selected by the librarian, presented to childrens’ on their birthdays in a special and memorable way. The book circulates first with the birthday child, then becomes part of the library collection.

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