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American Education Week Parent Visitations

A week in November is designated as American Education Week, and Governor Mifflin sets aside several days on which parents and grandparents are invited to visit their student’s classroom to observe the learning environment in school.


(Cancelled for the 20-21 school year). This night is one of the most important events of the school year. It is so critical that we have restructured the evening to occur before the first day and to include students and parents in a short meeting with their new teacher in their new classroom. Following are the details for your Back-to-School experience.

Kindergarten: Students will meet their teacher, see their classroom and take a bus ride with the principal and specials teacher. When we return, kindergarteners will enjoy a snack in the cafeteria. Parents will meet briefly with PTO officers, followed by time spent with your kindergarten teacher in your child’s new classroom.

First through Fourth Grades: Parents and students come to school together in a drop in format.

Birthday Book Project

The Birthday Books program allows a parent to donate a book to the Cumru Library in honor of a student’s birthday. An invitation to participate is sent home the first week of school. The librarian matches a book to the birthday child, and then presents it in a memorable way. A bookplate permanently acknowledges your family’s gift to the library collection.

If you have any questions concerning the Cumru library, please call the school and dial extension 5111 or ask to be connected to the library. We are happy to assist you.

Field Days

In the spring, students participate in a day of activities to demonstrate physical skills and sportsmanship. Keep an eye out for information to come home regarding upcoming school year dates and times.

Field Trips

As an extension of the classroom, educational field trips are planned throughout the year. Teachers provide information to the parents when field trips are scheduled. Parent chaperones, when needed, are selected by the teacher from those parents who have indicated interest. All parent chaperones must have their volunteer clearances. Please be aware that not all parents are selected for these trips as we are typically limited in the number of people who may attend.

Halloween Parade

Every year, our Halloween celebration and parade occur in the month of October. Our costumed students parade around our grounds and conclude with classroom parties. Please note, as you plan your child’s costume, the following rules: Costumes must adhere to strict guidelines that meet standards that are appropriate for young children. Students may not wear violent themes or costumes representing bloody body parts and/or mutilation of human beings or animals, including “Scream” masks. By following these guidelines, we assure our community of a fun and safe celebration for everyone.

Morning News Team

Morning announcements start our school day. Students are selected as members of a weekly news team. In addition to the announcements, the news team members lead the Pledge of Allegiance, the weather and a patriotic song. The news program is broadcasted into each classroom. Parents of news team members are invited to come to school to view the program.

Parents as Reading Partners (PARP)

This program encourages the support of parents in developing the love of reading in their children by asking them to read together at least 15 minutes each day of the month. PARP calendars will be issued on a monthly basis October through March. You are asked to either sign off or have your child draw a small picture on the calendar for each day that this goal is accomplished. At the end of each month, send it back to school for volunteers to stamp and return. Each month, the one classroom at each grade level that returns the most calendars will be named the monthly winners. Children who successfully complete this six-month project will receive a certificate at the end of the year. The one classroom at each grade level that has returned the most calendars for the entire period will win a special prize.

Preservation Through Creation

This one-night event showcases one piece of artwork from each student sold for $1.00. All proceeds benefit the Cumru Courtyard, which is used throughout the year by all grade levels in conjunction with their science units. The name of the event derives from the aim to preserve the environment through the creation of works of art.

Publishing Center

For many children, book publishing is the most exciting part of the writing process. With grant money and the financial support of the PTO, a publishing center has been established where all Cumru students can have their writings published into books complete with cover, title pages, dedication and author page. The entire center is run by trained volunteers who type and collate student-made books. Volunteers are always needed for this program.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

One of the greatest joys a child can have is the love of reading. First grade students are fortunate to be able to participate in this program through the generosity of the UGI Corporation and the PTO. Three book giveaways occur during the course of the year. Each giveaway revolves around a theme. Before the giveaway, children participate in several lessons that instill the love of reading. As a culminating activity, each first grade class participates in a special library lesson. At the end of the lesson, each student selects a gift book provided from RIF grant money. In order to promote parental involvement, a brief follow-up activity is included for the parent and child to complete together. These activities provide motivation, spark interest, and help make reading an exciting adventure.

Spring Open House and Art Show

In the spring of each year, parents are invited to attend this evening event, which features a number of special activities including an Art Show. The open house provides us the opportunity to showcase your child’s accomplishments throughout the school year. Parents may visit their child’s classroom and touch base with their grade level teacher.

Student Pictures

The official school photo of each student is taken in the fall of the school year. You are welcome to purchase the photo packages offered. All purchases must be prepaid. Sale of school photos benefits the PTO.

Note: We are required to take individual pictures of students once each year.

Welcome Wagon

The Welcome Wagon helps new students feel more comfortable with our building and staff. Older students introduce new students to staff members while touring the building.

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