Our K-12 science curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Environment and Ecology, with an eye towards the Next Generation Science Standards. Our instruction is framed around big ideas, essential questions, and active learning. Our K-5 science curriculum extends the topics covered in the English Language Arts curriculum, allowing for students to utilize the time designated for science as an opportunity to do science. Students in grades 6-8 continue their standards based learning with an inquiry based approach to science while using Science and Technology Concepts modules from the National Science Resource Center division of the Smithsonian Institute. Students in grades 9-12 have a variety of science courses to select based upon the course sequence as well as electives.

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Grades K-5

Everyday science:
Outdoor Explorers:
weather, seasons, natural resources
Life All Around:
living and nonliving things

Grade 1

impact of the environment on living and nonliving things
Natural Resources:
sources of resources and conservation

Grade 2

use of technology and sources of energy
seasons, clouds, severe weather, measurement of weather
Living and Growing:
plant and animal life cycles, survival skills

Grade 3

Energy Expanded:
stored vs. motion, forms, changing forms
Water & Fossil Fuels:
alternative energies, pollution and conservation
roles in the environment, food chain, adaptations

Grade 4

components, needs of animals, changes in ecosystems
Magnetism & Electricity:
magnetism, static electricity, conductors/insulators, series/parallel circuits
Earth’s movement, phases of the moon, solar system, telescopes

Grade 5

The Science of Science:
scientific methods and concepts, energy and work, simple machines
Forces of Nature:
Decomposition and destructive forces, erosion, climate change, impact on living things
plant parts and processes, seeds, reproduction, plants and people

Grades 6-8
Grade 6

Experimenting with Forces & Motion
Researching the Sun-Earth-Moon System