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Grades K-6

All About Me:
self awareness, feelings, interests, family activities
Home & Family:
geography and economics, human needs, environments, communication
Let’s Celebrate:
history and culture, celebrations, national pride
Actions & Words:
government and citizenship, home behavior, school behavior, community behavior, rules
Working Together
challenges, perseverance, being helpful, teamwork, collaboration

Grade 1

Friends & Family:
what good friends do; family members; what families do
types; workers and their jobs; community fun and needs
Stories of the Past:
family stories of the past; stories of long ago; amazing people and their stories; stories of our community
Good Citizens:
responsibility; being fair and helpful; rules and laws

Grade 2

roles at home, school, community, and future
Working World:
community life and needs; goods and services; meeting community needs
Discovering Our Past:
life in the past; life today; people and ideas that change communities
Local Government:
government; local government; how government builds a community; government and me

Grade 3

Past, Present & Future:
changes; responsibilities; choices; representing our past, present and future
land and water features; natural and cultural features; continents; oceans; hemispheres; states and countries
Heroes from the Past:
our country’s past; Civil War; civil rights; equal rights for everyone
People Make a Difference:
gaining our independence; principles, ideals, and rights of American citizens; national leaders

Grade 4

Pennsylvania Culture & History:
groups in PA; historical documents; artifacts and places; continuity and change; conflict’s impact on PA history
Atlantic States:
New England, Middle Atlantic and South Atlantic states; geography, economy, history, and culture of the regions
Central Region:
Midwest region and South Central regions; geography, economy, history, and culture of the regions
Western Region:
Mountain and Pacific states; geography, economy, history, and culture of the regions

Grade 5

Exploration & Geography:
exploration; science of maps and map use; explorers past and future
Early America:
Native Americans; European settlers; gaining independence; changes after independence
Shaping America:
Westward expansion; Chinese immigration and transportation; European immigration; immigration today; famous immigrants
American Government:
voting and three branches of government; writing the Constitution; changes to the Constitution; roles of citizens
Civil Rights:
individuals or groups for civil rights

Grade 6

Early Civilizations:
history, culture, and civilization of the Fertile Crescent and how it helps us understand present-day
Ancient Egypt and Nubia:
exploration of the characteristics of ancient Egypt that helped create the first civilization
Ancient Greece:
Greek civilization and culture; contributions of the Greeks; examination of the decline of the Greek city-states
Ancient Rome:
Roman society, political process, and Roman Empire legacy
Medieval Europe:
life in the Middle Ages and its impact on technology, government, religion and the arts
New Beginnings:
introduction of the Renaissance