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The Governor Mifflin School District is committed to providing each student, every day, with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to be successful in tomorrow’s world.

The business affairs department oversees all financial matters throughout the school system. The department is responsible for developing the annual budget, receiving revenue, coordinating supply and equipment purchases and accounting for all expenditures. In addition, the business office supports the educational process through the coordination of transportation, custodial/maintenance services, food service and data processing. The business affairs department is accountable for the fiscal soundness of the school district.


Art Supplies 2021-2022 – Opening Wednesday, 14, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.
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2021-2022 PDE 363
2020-2021 PDE 363
2019-2020 PDE 363
2018-2019 PDE 363
2017-2018 PDE 363


2021-2022 Final Budget
2021-2022 Proposed Final Budget
2021-2022 Preliminary Budget
2020-2021 Final Budget
2019-2020  Final Budget
2018-2019 Final Budget
2017-2018 Final Budget
2016-2017 Final Budget
2015-2016 Final Budget
2014-2015 Final Budget
2013-2014 Final Budget
2012-2013 Final Budget
2010-2011 Final Budget
2009-2010 Final Budget


2020-2021 PDE Annual Financial Report
2019-2020 Financial & Compliance Report 
2019-2020 PDE Annual Financial Report
2018-2019 Financial and Compliance Report
2018-2019 PDE Annual Financial Report
2017-2018 Financial and Compliance Report
2017-2018 PDE Annual Financial Report
2016-2017 Financial and Compliance Report
2016-2017 PDE Annual Financial Report
2015-2016 Financial and Compliance Report
2015-2016 PDE Annual Financial Report
2014-2015 Financial and Compliance Report
2014-2015 PDE Annual Financial Report
2013-2014 Financial and Compliance Report
2013-2014 PDE Annual Financial Report
2012-2013 Financial and Compliance Report
2012-2013 PDE Annual Financial Report

Governor Mifflin’s Annual Financial Reports are currently prepared by Herbein & Company and are designed to provide the School District’s citizens, taxpayers, customers and investors and creditors with a general overview of School District’s finances and to demonstrate the School District’s accountability for the money it receives. If you have questions about this information, please contact the Business Office.



The Governor Mifflin community is directly impacted by the decisions made by the school district. If you have ideas on how the district can generate revenue or reduce costs, please email your suggestions to the  GM Business Office.


Diane Richards, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
610-775-1461, ext. 7012

Kelly Price, Controller
610-775-1461, ext. 7105


Click here to watch previous Budget Town Hall meetings and submit your questions for our upcoming Town Hall.