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Our commitment…

The Governor Mifflin School District believes that students should feel safe coming to school. We believe that safe and successful schools go beyond security measures. The district uses an ongoing approach to assess our efforts to provide an environment that accounts for both the psychological and physical safety of our students and staff. Work is done daily to reaffirm our commitment to this ongoing and ever-evolving effort. The following is a dynamic representation of the work that is being done and that will continue to develop as we review our practices and further strengthen this commitment. We have divided the work into four key areas, each with efforts that are collaborative across buildings, departments, and staff:

  • Facilities that keep our students and staff secure
  • Education as our best prevention
  • Collaborating with our community
  • Learning, practicing, and staffing for our response

 As part of our safety plan:

  • Governor Mifflin School District maintains a single, locked entry procedure to school buildings throughout each school day. Entry security is enhanced at each building with video surveillance cameras and the use of the RAPTOR visitor management system in all buildings.
  • Staff is attentive to any suspicious behavior and encouraged to contact administration with any concerns.
  • Regular drills are conducted to make staff and students familiar with safety procedures and all staff members are required to complete the active intruder training.
  •  Building administrators and secretarial staff are vigilant at maintaining familiarization with custody agreements and other court-ordered restrictions limiting contact with students under their supervision.
  • Governor Mifflin School District’s on-staff school police officers maintain close working relationships with local municipal law enforcement and emergency response agencies. The school police officers continually evaluate building security and student safety throughout each school day.
  • By implementing a Peer Mediation and Peer Mentoring program, the Office of Safe Schools works closely with high school students to help them navigate conflicts and challenges in a productive and proactive way.
  • The Office of Safe Schools partners with the Pennsylvania State Police to complete a risk and vulnerability assessment of all school buildings.
  • In 2011, Governor Mifflin participated in a tactical drill with the Berks Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). As part of the Department of Emergency Services, CERT responds to crises everywhere in the county. CERT used the Governor Mifflin High School as training grounds for a simulation of a school hostage situation. School staff practiced their roles in aiding the CERT team during the crisis and learned what procedures to take in order to secure a building.
  • The Governor Mifflin School District is participates in the ongoing countywide initiative to standardize All-Hazard Plans for Berks school districts. This initiative is being organized through the Berks County Intermediate Unit in conjunction with county school districts, police agencies, first responders and the Berks County Mental Health Agency.




Tony Maddaloni
School Police Officer
610-775-5089, ext. 1004