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The Governor Mifflin School District Office of Safe Schools regularly reviews our crisis plan and enhances it following the recommendations of a countywide all hazards planning initiative. Communicating parts of the plan to parents is a crucial piece of a strong crisis plan. This becomes particularly important should we need to evacuate any of our school buildings due to an emergency.

Should an emergency situation (e.g. chemical spill, lightning strike, civil or natural disaster, or any other event that interrupts regular school activity) occur while school is in-session, students will be evacuated to an alternative site to be reunited with their parents. Students will be well cared for by staff. The parent reunification site will be clearly identified in the district announcement that will follow the emergency situation.

If we need to dismiss students from school early due to an emergency, our Connect-ED® phone notification system will notify the parent/guardian emergency contacts that you have provided to the district. It is important that your contact information is accurate, and that you list three emergency contacts whom the district is authorized to release your child to. If you have not previously signed up to receive Connect-ED notifications or need to update your contact information, please do so in the online back-to-school process (PowerSchool Registration) or contact your child’s school building directly. In the event of an emergency dismissal, information will also be available on our district website as well as local radio.

Information regarding dismissal procedures will be included in any announcement made in the event of an emergency, but we do ask for your help in the following areas:

  • Please DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL. Please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. We will be busy getting your child to safety.
  • As soon as possible, come to the designated site to pick up your child and any other children you are designated and authorized to pick up.
  • Please try to remain calm and follow the directions of police and school personnel. We care deeply for your children and will make decisions that keep all of our children safe from harm.
  • It is very important that you contact the school office with updated or additional emergency contact information if it changes.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to keep our kids safe.



Tony Maddaloni
School Police Officer
610-775-5089, ext. 1004