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Our graduates include an Olympic medalist, a Pulitzer-prize-winning author, a global executive for a top athletic apparel brand, a nationally known television news anchor, a brigadier general in the United States Marine Corps, an environmental lifestyle pioneer and best-selling author/columnist/television personality/radio host on green, modern living, and a cardiovascular surgeon on the cutting-edge of medical research.

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The official seal of the Governor Mifflin Schools has a very interesting historical origin and significant symbolism. In reality the seal is basically the “Mifflin Coat-of-Arms” brought to this country from England by the Mifflin family. Adaptations include the replacement of a dove at the top of a seal with a four link chain, the addition of “Governor Mifflin Schools” around the seal and the modification of colors to conform to our school colors.

The colors and various parts of the seal stand for the following:

  • Gold – The gold stands for honor, loyalty, truth, and honesty.
  • Maroon – The maroon represents bravery and courage.
  • Chevron – The chevron signifies the highest regard for excellence and outstanding accomplishment in any field of endeavor.
  • Star – The star symbolizes spiritual guidance from The Almighty which is essential for 
self-realization and a life of service.
  • Chain Links – Each link represents one of the four school districts: Brecknock, Cumru, Mohnton, Shillington, and indicates the strength and unity through cooperation.
  • Nil Desperandum – “We are to despair of nothing.” This is the quality of a positive“forward looking” attitude so needed to successfully deal with life’s complex problems.


Joan Kidd Oxenrider, Class of 1955, won the contest for the naming of the Governor Mifflin mascot. She was a young girl, who loved horses, and thought a small horse with a fighting spirit would be a great name. Thus, the birth of the Mifflin Mustangs! Joan was awarded a set of bookends at graduation on June 11, 1954 in honor of winning the Governor Mifflin mascot-naming contest.

The graphic sketch of the mustang was the creation of Priscilla Hendricks Strawbridge (Class of 1958).


Alma Mater, hail to thee
Symbol of democracy

Strong and mighty you will stand
As God protects you with His hand.

Mifflin High to thee we sing
As in thy halls our echoes ring

Thy colors of maroon and gold
Ever in our hearts we’ll hold.

Lyrics by the Class of 1954
, Music by Larry Rightmyer, Class of 1955 and Corrine Munro, Class of 1954



If your family’s home address is changing, please call 610-775-1461.

The school district requires parents to provide Proof of Residency, such as a lease or sales agreement. We will review this documentation with parents and confirm the residents involved in the change of address. Once Proof of Residency has been received, parents can call or email the director of transportation, Ms. Joanne Witmoyer (610-775-1464), to obtain updated bussing information.

By following this procedure, the District aims to improve the efficiency of the address change process, improve the accuracy of information in Skyward and census data, and eliminate confusion often resulting from multiple siblings with different surnames. Your cooperation and support are appreciated. Please contact the Education Center (610-775-1461) with any questions.


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