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Mission statement: The mission of the human resources department is to maximize the value of human capital and align it with District values, initiatives, strategies, and the needs of our students and community. 

By providing strategic counsel and developing/implementing services that promote a culture characterized by empowerment, respect, sense of fairness, personal accountability, trust, and unwavering focus on the needs of students and the community, we will seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the values and strategy of the District.

Goals: Provide efficient, effective, people-centered policies, programs, and services that promote independence, eliminate distractions to the workforce, provide compliance, and contribute to the attainment of District goals.

ACT 168 of 2014 – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  Sexual Misconduct /Abuse Disclosure Release

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10 S. Waverly Street, Shillington, PA 19607
Phone: 610-775-1461, Fax: 610-775-6586

Stephanie Seifrit
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 610-775-1461 x. 7013

Stephanie Krzak
Human Resource Generalist
Phone: 610-775-1461 x.

Amy Payne
Human Resource Secretary
Phone: 610-775-1461 x. 7104