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Director of Technology and Innovation (Act 93)
Reports to the Superintendent

The Director of Technology and Innovation position would be charged with providing the systems leadership for the use of technology as a tool to promote efficiency and effectiveness in district operations and providing visionary leadership in championing efforts for how the district can explore and exploit innovative initiatives to change the pattern of performance in our teaching and learning endeavors.

Key performance expectations include:
•  Lead the technology department by guiding and supervising the leadership and support staff to ensure high quality systems performance throughout the district’s operations and teaching and learning programs
•  Use an A-ROI model to regularly assess and evaluate the district’s investment in technology to be making the transformative change in the teaching and learning
•  Champion district initiatives to engage in change efforts to explore, implement, and sustain innovative models for teaching and learning (ex. GM Gold, Customized Learning, Internships, Innovation Curriculum, Alternative Pathways to College and Career Readiness)
•  Partner with the Director of Data Management Systems to create a robust mechanism in which the district can regularly access underused data points to engage in inquiry and analysis for systems improvement
•  Serve as a visionary change agent in exploring the viability of next practices
•  Develop beyond the classroom collaborative partnerships and beyond the year summer experiential learning experiences



Stephanie Seifrit
Director of Human Resources
10 S. Waverly Street, Shillington, PA 19607
Phone: 610-775-1461, Fax: 610-775-6586