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Governor Mifflin School District Comprehensive Plan (7/1/16-6/30/19)


The Governor Mifflin School District: Educating while Inspiring, and Empowering Every Student Every Day.


The GMSD Vision: A Blueprint for Excellence

The Governor Mifflin School District is a community of dedicated individuals working together to achieve the mission of, Educating, Inspiring, and Empowering Every Student Every Day. To this end, we commit to the following Vision:


  • Will establish a reputation for excellence at the local, state, national and international levels.
  • Will be perceived as a 21st Century school system committed to preparing every student for success in an interdependent, global economy.
  • Will strive to produce student achievement data that ranks it as the premier school district in Berks County.
  • Will commit to building a strong home and school connection within each building, as well as the entire District.


  • Will encourage students to take healthy risks in their quest for excellence
  • Will offer respect and encouragement by providing the materials, time, and attention required to meet students’ needs.
  • Will commit to a culture of continuous professional improvement.
  • Will strive to establish healthy, lasting relationships with their students which, in turn, serve to make everyone more eager to learn and to become active members of our school community.
  • Will commit to a greater awareness of the use of social media for student learning.
  • Will be encouraged and supported to be risk takers.


  • Will work in a mutual partnership with the school district to promote student growth and achievement.
  • Will provide a safe, supportive environment beyond the classroom that recognizes excellence and encourages growth in all aspects of students’ lives.
  • Will challenge children to work to their fullest potential both at home and at school.


  • Will reflect a student-first approach to the overall school experience.
  • Will have classroom walls that do not restrict learning, but rather provide a safe environment in which the students can develop the technological, communicative, collaborative and creative competencies needed for application in the world in which they live.
  • Will embody a positive, mutually respectful culture in which students and staff thrive.
  • Will provided consistent hardware access, implementation and use of technology across buildings and grade levels.
  • Will be supportive of the growing diverse population with cultural sensitivity and understanding.


  • Will arrive at school prepared to engage in a rigorous and relevant curriculum that encourages communication and collaboration as a means of developing critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and creativity.
  • Will be provided with varied opportunities to develop and enhance their artistic, musical, athletic and leadership attributes.
  • Will explore the world around them in order to gain confidence as learners and leaders who will inspire change and make a difference.
  • Will embrace challenges as a springboard to success.
  • Will be confident in their abilities, and upon Commencement become integral parts of society on the local, national, and global levels and proud graduates of the Governor Mifflin School District.


We believe:

  • Students learn best in an environment where they are not afraid of failing and they are encouraged to take risks.
  • In developing the competencies of problem solving, social/communication skills, technology and teamwork
  • In teaching our students to display honesty, integrity and respectful behavior through leadership and positive interactions with others.
  • Students learn best when they are prepared for the economic and social challenges of a global society.
  • In rigorous curriculum for all students.
  • In attaining a clear acceptance for all diversity including, but not limited to ethnic, racial, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Students should have a clear understanding of the world beyond their immediate community.
  • It takes a team to provide an appropriate education for all:  Students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches, and supportive staff.
  • Teachers and administrators must acknowledge and embrace the increasing global impact of technology.
  • Every student has the ability to learn.  Embracing this potential will lead students to lifelong success.
  • Students are more likely to flourish when teachers and students establish a mutually respectful relationship.
  • Interpersonal skills and relationships are critical to the learning process.
  • In providing a safe and engaging learning environment that honors different learning and teaching styles and displays respect for diversity.
  • A competent, caring and driven teacher is critical to nurturing student achievement.
  • In providing opportunities for students to develop, express and demonstrate individual talents extending beyond the classroom.
  • Parental support and engagement are crucial to nurturing student achievement.
  • Students should have the opportunity to develop, express and demonstrate talents extending beyond the classroom.