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The Governor Mifflin School District expects all students to attend school on a regular basis. Absenteeism and tardiness interrupt the student’s educational program and interferes with academic success.


Excused Absences include:

    1. Personal illness
    2. Death in the immediate family
    3. Religious holidays
    4. Emergencies
    5. Educational family trips (up to five days)

Educational family trips require a completed “Request for Excused Absence” form turned in to the associate principals’ office at least ten days prior to the trip. Forms can be obtained in the attendance office. Approval will be made at the discretion of the principal and director of instructional and pupil services in accordance with the District policy and granted to students who do not have attendance issues. If a trip occurs during PSSA or Keystone Testing, the dates will be considered unexcused for those assigned to take the test. 

>> Download the “Request for Excused Absence” form here.

* In order for any absence to be excused, it must be accompanied by a parent note or doctor’s note within the first three days of the student’s return.

The High School may utilize the automated phone notification system to notify a parent/guardian of their child’s absence.


Absences for other than the above mentioned reasons will be considered unexcused (for students who are 17 years or older) or unlawful (for students who are under the age of 17).

Examples of unexcused/unlawful absences include, but are not limited to:

    1. Cutting class
    2. Truancy
    3. Missing a bus
    4. Illegal employment
    5. Oversleeping/failure to arrive at school
    6. Pursuing outside interests/hobbies
    7. Babysitting younger children in the family
    8. Family or personal car trouble
    9. Accompanying family on a business trip
    10. Any other excuse that is not acceptable according to the School Code

* When a student’s absence is unexcused, the student will not have the opportunity to make up school work.


Students who are absent from school will not be permitted to attend or participate in school-sponsored activities held the day or evening of the absence. This includes field trips, dances, concerts, plays, sporting events, etc. The only exception is absence due to approved trip/activity, involvement as a representative of the school or planned, pre-approved college trips. The District will approve up to three days per year for college trips for juniors and seniors. Any additional college visits will be counted as unexcused absences.


Secondary students must arrive at school prior to 9:20 a.m. to be considered present for the morning session. They must remain at school at least until 1:25 p.m. to be considered present for the afternoon session.

When a student has a doctor’s appointment that requires an early dismissal, he or she must bring a parent note indicating the dismissal time to the attendance office during homeroom. If a parent’s note is not provided in advance, a parent will have to come to school and pick up their child in the attendance office. This procedure is a safety precaution, and there will be no exceptions made.


Download the High School Excuse Note here


1. A student who has been absent from school one-half day or more will, upon his/her return, bring a note written by his parent or guardian stating:

    • the date or dates of absence
    • the student’s name and homeroom
    • the reason for absence
    • the parent or guardian’s signature

This note must be given to the homeroom teacher for the attendance records. A.M. Career Center excuses are to be given to the associate principals’ secretary in the attendance office.

2. When the reason for a student’s absence is questionable, when an absence is extended or when the attendance is irregular, a statement from a physician may be required by the associate principals.

3. Second period teachers will allow students three days following their return to school to present a note explaining their absence. Failure to submit an excuse note within three days may result in the absence being recorded as unexcused/unlawful.

4. If it is necessary for a student to be absent, we request that the school be informed by telephone as early as possible on the day of the absence. Our attendance office phone number is 610-775-5092. We will make every effort to verify all absences from school.

5. Students who are absent three consecutive days are required to submit a physician’s note.


1. Excused absence: This includes personal illness, accident, death in the immediate family and similar types of emergencies and pre-approved educational trips.

2. Students who are absent from school are required to make up all assignments and examinations within a reasonable time of the date of the absence. Teachers will review procedures for specific situations at the beginning of the school term.

3. Assignments or examinations that are not made up will be recorded as a zero and averaged with the grades earned to determine the quarterly mark.

4. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the make up activities.

5. Regulations on make up work apply whether the absence was for a special rehearsal, illness, representing the school in athletics or music or an excused family trip. In other words, missed work must be made up. All attendance information is recorded on the report card.

6. If a student cuts class or is truant from school, he/she will not be permitted to make-up missed work.

7. Absence because of suspension: A student suspended from school shall be responsible for all material covered in his/her absence.

8. Co-Curricular participation: Students participating in a co-curricular activity on a school day must be in attendance before 9:20 a.m.


When a student is sick three days or more, he or she should request work from his/her teachers. Thanks to modern technology, this process is easier than ever. Students and parents may e-mail their work requests directly to their teachers.

How? Students or parents can go to the Skyward web site where grades are reviewed. This information is presented to students on the first day of school.

As in the past, if books or other materials need to be delivered to the students, they can be picked up in the attendance office before or after school. When the teacher has been emailed, at least 24 hours should be given to allow the teacher to respond.

If you have any problems contacting the teacher, feel free to call your guidance counselor at 610-775-5089 or, if needed, the attendance office at 610-775-5092.


Absenteeism and tardiness interrupt the student’s educational program and interferes with academic success. Therefore, in accordance with the District policy, any student who misses 10% of any class will be denied credit for that class. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their student attends school on a regular basis. Attendance can be monitored by checking your child’s attendance on Skyward.

The following chart demonstrates the regulations of the credit denial policy:

Year long – 18 days
Half year – 9 days
Nine weeks – 5 days

This policy applies to all courses, including those provided by the Berks Career and Technical Center or other approved vocational, technical or college programs. The grades issued in the course(s) will appear on the student’s transcript, but credit towards promotion/graduation will be forfeited.

There are two types of absences: cumulative and non-cumulative. Credit will be denied based on cumulative absences.

Cumulative absences – Cumulative absences include, but are not limited to:

    1. Illnesses covered by a parent note and contact
    2. Truancy
    3. Absences due to missing the bus
    4. Class cutting
    5. Non-school activities during the school day
    6. Non-approved family vacations
    7. Tardy to school
    8. Late to class

* Three unexcused latenesses to class = one class absence.
* Students and parents will be notified at regular intervals about cumulative absences and have the right to appeal credit denial in writing to the associate principal.

Non-cumulative absences – Non-cumulative absences will not count towards the credit denial policy and include:

    1. Illness verified by a doctor’s note
    2. Death in the family
    3. Approved family vacations (not in excess of five days)
    4. Religious holidays recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    5. Other administrative reasons including school trips and activities and college visits for juniors and seniors (up to three days).


1.  Tardiness to school

    • A summary of all tardiness is kept on the student’s report card. Repeated tardiness will result in disciplinary action. A student who misses classwork because of an unexcused tardiness will be given a zero for work missed, with no make up opportunity.
    • If a student reports to school between 7:35 and 8:00 a.m., he/she must report to the associate principals’ office for an admission slip to homeroom.
    • If a student arrives at school after 8:00 a.m., the student is required to report to the associate principals’ office to sign in and receive an admittance slip to class. A student who misses class work because of an unexcused tardy, will not be permitted to make up the work.

2. Tardiness for Class If tardy for class, the student will be admitted by the classroom teacher, who will record his/her name and time of entrance. A second and all subsequent tardies will result in the assignment of detention, first with the teacher and thereafter in the general school detention.

3. Absence or Tardiness and Co-Curricular/Activities Participation

    • Students participating in any co-curricular program or any school related activity that accumulates 20 total excused/unexcused absences (exception for extended medical leave will be considered) will result in suspension from participation in co-curricular programs or any school related activity for a period of 30 school days.
    • Accumulating 6 unexcused/unlawful absences, 25 total absences (exception for extended medical leave will be considered) or 11 total tardies will result in a suspension or dismissal from participation in co-curricular programs or any school related activities for the balance of the semester or 45 school days, whichever is longer.
    • Accumulating 7 unexcused/unlawful absences, 27 total absences (exception for extended medical leave will be considered) or 13 total tardies will result in a permanent suspension or dismissal from participation in co-curricular programs or any school related activities.
    • Students participating in a co-curricular event or activity on a school day must be in classroom attendance during at least the half day preceding the activity. This means the student must sign in at the attendance office no later than 9:20 a.m.


    • No student is allowed to leave school during the day without permission from the associate principals’ office. If such permission is necessary, the student must submit a written request to the associate principal’s office prior to 7:35 a.m. The note must state the exact time of dismissal request and the reason for leaving school early. If the request is approved, the student will be issued an early dismissal pass which must be presented in the office before signing out.
    • All appointments, if possible, SHOULD BE SCHEDULED BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL. A parent’s note must be presented to the associate principals’ office BEFORE 7:35 a.m. on the day of the appointment, and a special excuse will be issued, which must be presented to the teacher in charge before leaving. A physician’s note is required for medical appointments upon return to school.
    • Except as approved in emergency situations by the principal or associate principals, students will not be permitted to leave the building during the school day for personal reasons such as errands or returning home for forgotten work.


Students entering or leaving the building for any special reason during regular school hours are required to sign the attendance roster in the associate principals’ office after getting permission from the associate principals’ office. Exceptions from this requirement would include Co-op programs, Career Center attendance and office work release.


Most of our local volunteer fire companies have programs for young people 16 years of age and older. The school will cooperate in releasing firefighters upon specific request from a company in an extreme fire emergency; however, the condition is subject to the following:

  • Fire companies must provide the school with a current list of junior firefighters for each school year.
  • Each named junior firefighter under the age of 18 must have evidence of valid working papers completed by the company on file with us.
  • Each named student must provide the school with a signed statement from his/her parent permitting us to release the student in a fire emergency.
  • The final decision for releasing any student for an emergency fire call is that of the school administration.