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Our guidance counselors, Mr. Kort Heckman and Mrs. Tiffany Shuker are available to help students.  At any time, students can talk to their counselor if they are having problems at school.


Of all the emotions, anger might be the most complex. Anger is natural. Anger is normal. It is okay to be angry, but it is how one handles his or her anger that can positively or negatively affect us or someone else. It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to hurt ourselves or others. We must ask ourselves, how do I handle my anger? If you have children, how do your children handle their anger? It is not okay to blame others, to deny responsibility, to attack, to call other people names or to belittle someone. We cannot prevent ourselves or others from feeling angry, but we can learn to control how we express it. It is important to communicate angry feelings in a positive and healthy manner. The following are positive ways to handle anger:

    • Talk it out
    • Compromise
    • Say you are sorry
    • Squeeze a stress ball
    • Take a walk
    • Stop and think
    • Count to 10
    • Count to 100
    • Ask for help
    • Listen to what the other person is trying to tell you
    • Work together to make things better
    • Use an “I” message, for example, “I don’t like it when …,” then say, “I would appreciate it if….”