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Our school nurse helps students who may become ill or injured during the school day. Except for emergencies or regular medications, students need a pass from their teacher to go to the health room.

The school nurse will dispense medication that a student may need on a regular basis. Students are not allowed to have medication in their possession during the school day. Any medication that has the proper paper work from the physician and parent, be it prescription or over the counter medication, must be brought to school in the original bottle/container. If it is prescription, it must have all of the information provided by the pharmacist. If it is over the counter, it must be in the original bottle with expiration date. All medication must go to the school nurse. Please do not send prescription or over-the-counter medicine to school with a child. These controlled medications must be brought to school by a parent or a guardian.

To dispense medication, the nurse must have the proper form signed by a parent and the child’s physician. Any medication that is to be given periodically for the entire year (e.g., inhalers for asthma, allergy medications), also requires a special form that must be signed by a physician. Forms are available in the health room or by clicking here.