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The school expects every Middle School student to be in school every day unless they are ill or can present a legal excuse. Circumstances such as death in the immediate family or other urgent reasons are considered legal excuses. Unlawful absences may subject your parents or guardians to legal action.

If it is necessary for a student to be absent, it is requested that the school be informed by telephone on the day of the absence. The phone number for the attendance office is 610-775-1465.

When a student is absent for three or more consecutive days, a physician’s note will be required. Students have three days to return a signed excuse/physician’s form for absences. Failure to comply will result in an unlawful absence. A doctor’s certificate is required for those pupils who frequently are absent because of sickness. This is done in the interest if the student’s health.


On the day a student returns to school from an absence, he/she shall present to the homeroom teacher an excuse written entirely by a parent or guardian explaining the absence.

This excuse should contain the following:

    1. Student’s full name
    2. Student’s homeroom
    3. Date of absence(s) and reason(s) for absence(s)
    4. Parent’s or guardian’s signature


When a student is charged with an unlawful absence, parents are liable to legal action under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Examples of unlawful absences include, but are not limited to: cutting classes, skipping school, missing a bus, illegal employment, oversleeping and failing to arrive at school, pursuing outside interest and hobbies, babysitting younger children in the family, family or personal car trouble, accompanying family on a business trip, early start for a weekend trip and any other excuse that is not acceptable according to the School Code. Failure to provide a doctor’s excuse, when required, will also be considered an unlawful absence.


Educational trips, vacations, or other compelling reasons: A parental/guardian request for excused absence must be submitted to the building principal for consideration at least 10 days prior to the date of the trip. A maximum of five school days is allowed for each student per year. Forms are available in the attendance office or by clicking here.


    1. Students must arrive at school prior to 9:15 a.m. to be counted as present for the morning session. Students must remain at school at least until 1:15 p.m. to be counted as present for the afternoon.
    2. In no case is a student to leave school during the day without written permission from the office.

      If such permission is necessary, the student must bring to the attendance office, prior to first period a request, written and signed by parent/guardian, stating the exact time at which the student is to be dismissed and the reason for leaving school early.

      Health Care: Absences for a portion of the school day may be excused for medical or dental appointments which cannot be arranged after school hours.
        Appointments resulting in 90 minutes or more will be considered a half day of absence. Students should return a card or note from the appropriate medical office verifying the visit to the attendance office.

      The student will be issued an early dismissal pass which must be shown to the teacher whose class the student will leave.

      All students must sign-out in the attendance office before leaving the building. Students returning from appointments must sign-in when they return.
    3. If a student needs to be excused from any class or study hall, he/she must have a pass signed by the teacher who wishes to have him excused and by the teacher whose class or study hall he/she is leaving.


Excused Absences include:

    1. Personal illness
    2. Death in the immediate family
    3. Religious holidays
    4. Emergencies
    5. Educational family trips (up to five days)

Educational family trips require a completed “Request for Excused Absence” form turned in to the associate principals’ office at least ten days prior to the trip. Forms can be obtained in the attendance office. Approval will be made at the discretion of the principal and director of instructional and pupil services in accordance with the District policy and granted to students who do not have attendance issues. If a trip occurs during PSSA or Keystone Testing, the dates will be considered unexcused for those assigned to take the test. 

>> Download the “Request for Excused Absence” form here.

* In order for any absence to be excused, it must be accompanied by a parent note or doctor’s note within the first three days of the student’s return.