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Circulation policies exist to ensure equitable access to library materials for all students.

Overdue Items

No fines are levied on overdue materials. Students are reminded to be respectful of their peers by bringing materials back on time.

At the end of each quarter, items that are more than 14 days overdue will be reported to the Main Office as an obligation. Having an outstanding obligation prevents students from participating fully in the school community. Students cannot go on field trips or participate in some extracurricular activities (including BEST Day at the Middle School) until the obligation is satisfied.

Students are responsible for paying for lost or damaged items. Charges are carried from school to school and must be paid by graduation.

Damaged Items

Damage is determined by the librarian. Even minor water damage may, in some cases, invite a risk of mold rendering the item unfit for the collection, even though it may still be readable.

Charges for damaged items are based on the replacement value of an equal item. Please note that the library often purchases library bound books designed to withstand repeated use. This may result in charges that are higher than what might be found on Amazon or another retailer for the same book title.

Once a damaged item has been paid for, it will be marked as discarded from the library and it belongs to the student.

Lost items

Items still overdue at the end of the school year are declared lost. Lost items are also reported to the office as an obligation with charges dependent upon replacement value.

If a lost item is found and returned in good condition within 90 days of payment, the student may choose to keep the item (we will mark it as discarded from the collection) or return it for a refund.

Lost items found and returned more than 90 days after payment are not eligible for a refund.

Interlibrary Loan Circulation

Governor Mifflin School District participates in the state-wide interlibrary loan (ILL) system, AccessPA. This allows us to borrow materials from school, public, and academic libraries from across the state. It is imperative that students borrowing materials through ILL, for academics or for pleasure, return them to GMMS library on time, so that we can maintain good relationships with other lending libraries.

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