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Your Cyber Support Team

Program Coordinator – Mr. Tony Alvarez

Please contact Mr. Tony Alvarez if you have questions regarding district policies.

Homeroom Teacher – TBD

Please contact your homeroom teacher if you have any questions about the program, your performance or if you need to provide a written excuse for an absence.

Phone:  1.877.856.3311

Email:    TBD

Content-Area Teachers

Please contact your content-area teachers if you have any questions on a specific course in which you are enrolled. To request a tutoring session with your teacher you can submit the “Get Help From Teacher” form in the student portal.

Phone:  1.877.856.3311

Email:    Your teachers’ email addresses can be found in the online grade book by right-clicking a teacher’s name and selecting ‘copy email address’ from the menu.

Technical Support

Please contact Technical Support if you are experiencing any issues with your Cyber School in a Box™ equipment or any of the applications you are using. There are several ways in which a Help Desk Specialist can be reached.

Login:    Click the ‘Connect to Technical Support’ icon on your laptop

Phone:  1.877.856.3311


Parent Information


Parents/Guardians are provided with a login to the online gradebook in which student progress can be monitored real-time. We also offer the option for a variety of reports to be emailed based on the desired frequency.

Computer basics

In order to be successful in the program, students should have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Setting up a wireless internet connection (Help Desk Specialists are available to assist with this task)
  • Accessing Internet Explorer
  • Using Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel (courses are available to enhance a student’s skill set)
  • Scanning documents (Help Desk Specialists are available to assist with this task)

Internet safety

At Governor Mifflin School District, student safety is our #1 priority. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), all laptops are equipped with web-filtering software, which ensures that students are not accessing inappropriate content. In addition, all virtual classrooms are monitored by Governor Mifflin GOLD teachers. Finally, we offer a Digital Citizenship course that teaches students safe internet practices.

Chris Killinger
Director of Teaching & Learning
610-775-1461 x. 7017