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Students in Governor Mifflin GOLD follow the Governor Mifflin School District attendance policy. Attendance is taken every day by the online homeroom teacher. Special exemptions may be provided for students with attendance conflicts due to illness, work, sports practices and other considerations.


There are a variety of communication tools and techniques that are utilized in Governor Mifflin GOLD. First, students are required to meet with their homeroom teacher in the virtual classroom each day. This helps to keep students on track to complete their coursework on time. Homeroom is also an opportunity for district announcements to be conveyed to keep Governor Mifflin GOLD students abreast of the happenings within Governor Mifflin School District. Finally, homeroom teachers also meet with students individually to review their progress, address any areas of improvement, and identify artifacts that students may consider including in a portfolio.

In addition to homeroom, students have the opportunity to meet with their core content-area teachers in the virtual classroom. Students may either stop by the virtual classroom during the open Office Hours sessions that are held Monday through Friday or schedule an appointment with their teacher ahead of time. These sessions enable students to ask specific questions about their coursework and receive one-on-one assistance. Our teachers use the webcam, microphone, and whiteboard to make the classroom “come alive” and deliver the same type of experience as if the teacher and student were face-to-face.


Grading and feedback is provided by Governor Mifflin GOLD’s highly-qualified, Pennsylvania-certified teachers. While some grading is done automatically within the learning management system, there are a variety of assignments and assessments that students are required to complete each week on which teachers provide constructive feedback within 72 hours of submission. Students and their parents/guardians have access to the online gradebook to view the student’s overall grade in a course as well as his/her scores on individual assignments. In addition, students and their parents/guardians may download their graded artifacts to review their teachers’ feedback.

Support Mechanisms

It is our goal to provide each student with the tools and support systems that he/she needs in order to be successful. This goal is accomplished in a variety of ways:

Daily Homeroom Session – Homeroom is a daily synchronous session in which:

  • Attendance is taken
  • Important District announcements are delivered.
  • Student expectations and due dates are reviewed
  • One-on-One ‘Student Reflection’ meetings are conducted in which the Homeroom Teacher reviews an Individualized Learning Plan with each student
  • Students have the opportunity to ask questions related to orientation, technical concerns, etc.

Attendance & Performance Reporting – Awareness is vital to the success of students in Governor Mifflin GOLD. With that in mind, we offer a variety of reports to students and parents/guardians:

Attendance• Detailed verification of student participation in daily homeroom sessionWeekly*
Progress Report• Listing of individual assignment scores per courseWeekly*
Summary Report• Overview of attendance and current grades in each courseWeekly*
Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)• Snapshot of student performance in each course, including: current grade; percentage of work submitted; average score on work submitted
• List of ‘missing’ assignments (as applicable)

Other• Notification of behavioral issue and/or areas of concernAs Needed

*Parents/guardians may adjust this frequency based on their preference

Students and their parents/guardians are provided with logins to the online gradebook so student performance can be reviewed at any time.

Chris Killinger
Director of Teaching & Learning
610-775-1461 x. 7017