Governor Mifflin School Board – 2021 Evaluation Summary for Mr. Bill McKay, Superintendent

Ashley Shannon
By Ashley Shannon January 28, 2022 15:32

An Open Letter to the Governor Mifflin School District Community

The 2021 Evaluation Summary for Mr. Bill McKay, Superintendent

One of the primary goals of a school board is the hiring and evaluation of the Superintendent.  Pursuant to this responsibility and the legislation regarding the annual public notice summarizing the evaluation, on behalf of the Governor Mifflin Board of School Directors, I submit the following summary.

The 2021 calendar year included the completion of Mr. McKay’s first year as Superintendent of Schools.  Although there were no quantitative academic goals established, we can attest to the qualitative results of his leadership work.  This work most notably included:

  • The establishment of partnerships with agencies, universities and businesses, in order to provide the district with the best platforms for professional development, instruction and assessment, hiring, student support and building/district culture.
  • The utilization of multiple data points to assess student growth, review curriculum and identify professional development.
  • Creating a culture that has enabled the district to attract and hire candidates from outside the district during a time of overall candidate/staffing shortages.
  • Keeping in-person learning as the focus for the school district.  Navigating a variety of challenges during a global pandemic in order to limit the need to switch to a virtual learning format.
  • Providing an extensive list of summer learning opportunities in order to keep students learning through the summer months and to address learning disruptions from the previous school year.

In addition, during Mr. McKay’s first year as Superintendent, he guided the district through a global pandemic.  This included planning and addressing a variety of economic, social, political, health & safety, and staffing challenges.

The Board, in partnership with Mr. McKay and his Administrative Team, are committed to forward planning in order to support students after multiple years of learning disruptions.  The district will rely on multiple measures to indicate academic growth and achievement.  Minimally, all of our students are expected to achieve above the average of state standardized assessments.

It is our summary assessment that Mr. McKay has met and exceeded the Board’s expectations as our Superintendent.  His leadership in guiding our district through the pandemic is outstanding.  He has a tremendous ability to assess situations, recognize problems, and then communicate solutions and expectations.  He is able to connect with people, including the Board, the staff and the students.  He has engaged the community through the State of the District forum and the Budget Town Hall events.  The Board values his opinions and leadership.  As his tenure progresses, we are confident we will see our school district’s performance continue to improve.

In Service,

James D. Ulrich, President

Governor Mifflin Board of School Directors

Ashley Shannon
By Ashley Shannon January 28, 2022 15:32