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The Governor Mifflin School District emphasizes student writing as part of the total language arts program. In support of this, Cumru holds a Writer’s Recital several times a year (when scheduling permits), which features original, creative writings by our kindergarten to grade 4 students. Each classroom teacher is given the opportunity to nominate a student and a particular piece of writing to be recognized at this special event. After the students are identified, the Library issues an invitation and R.S.V.P. for family members to attend. This should be returned to the Library so we can assure seating and space requirements. Not every student is nominated; it is a special opportunity for children to share their growth and talent in writing. Cumru children view the Writer’s Recital as an honor and are thrilled to be invited.


Every year our K-4 Halloween celebration and parade occurs on the Act 80 Day in October. On this day, students in Grades K-4 will be dismissed at 1 p.m. Students will form a parade after starting in front of the building while Mifflin Park students parade in front of the school at 9:30 a.m. The parade will continue on School Lane (the roadway that connects GMIS and Cumru) towards Mifflin Park. The parade will continue across the main thoroughfare in front of GMIS. The Cumru parade will make a turn on the Elkins Avenue driveway and proceed to the first bus lane at Mfflin Park and parade past all Mifflin Park students. Cumru students will make a U-turn at Mifflin Park and retrace the parade route past the main thoroughfare at GMIS. They will proceed up School Lane and return to Cumru. In case of inclement weather, the parade will be held inside with the children from each wing going from one class to another in their wing.

Children may wear their costumes to school or bring them in a well-marked bag. We encourage students to dress as storybook characters and refrain from violent characters. Please do not allow children to carry toy weapons (knives, axes, swords, guns, etc.).  All children should have a well-marked bag to be used in to bring their clothes back home. Teachers will arrange for homeroom mothers to assist children with dressing, escorting classes along the parade route, and serving treats in the classroom.

If, for religious beliefs, you do not agree with the scheduled activities and parades, please send a note to this effect. Your child’s absence will be marked as excused.


Cumru permits some limited social activities in connection with the observance of certain holidays and birthdays. Please notify teachers in advance if you are planning to send in treats for parties. Celebrations must be kept simple to prevent interference with the educational process.

The Governor Mifflin School Board recognizes that student wellness and proper nutrition are related to students’ physical well-being, growth, development and readiness to learn. The elementary schools no longer are able to celebrate birthdays in school by bringing food or treats for other students. Individual classrooms will recognize this special day within their own setting and without food or individual treats from home. The classroom teacher will accommodate the passing out of party invitations when either the entire class is invited or if every one of the same gender is invited.

Parents are always welcomed to make a contribution on behalf of their child’s special day by contributing toward a class and/or school need (such as the Birthday Book Program).


One of the greatest joys a child can experience is the love of reading. First grade students are fortunate to be able to participate in this program through the generosity of the UGI Corporation and the PTO. Three book giveaways occur during the course of the year. Each giveaway revolves around a theme. Before the giveaway, the children participate in several lessons that promote the love of reading. As a culminating activity, each first grade class participates in a special library lesson. At the end of the lesson, each student selects a book as a gift purchased as a result of RIF grant funding. In order to promote parental involvement, a brief follow-up activity is included for the parent and child to complete together. These activities encourage motivation, spark interest, and help the children find reading to be an exciting adventure.


Parents are invited to attend this evening event which features various special activities and programs. More information will be sent prior to the program.


Parents are invited to attend these days, which feature various special activities and programs. More information will be sent prior to the program.


In order to become better acquainted with our children in Kindergarten through Grade 4, the principal meets with the children monthly during the four scheduled lunch periods to celebrate their birthdays in a special way. Birthdays from September through August are all celebrated in the Guidance Seminar Room. Thanks to the PTO’s support, the children receive a personalized birthday-gram, bookmark and a Cumru Elementary birthday pencil.

If for any reason (religious or other), you do not want your child to participate, you must notify your child’s teacher in writing.


In an effort to recognize and emphasize positive behavior and promote students’ self-esteem, the principal attempts to catch children on their best behavior, recognizing their positive efforts and kind deeds with a word of praise and by distributing cards with various designs stating “We caught you ‘being’ good!” etc. The staff extends this philosophy into their classrooms. We truly want the children to feel that “Cumru kids have class!”  Click here to see Cumru students on their best bee-havior!