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Library hours – 8:30 a.m.-3:20 p.m.

Librarian – Ms. Susan Dempsey, Librarian‚ susan.dempsey@gmsd.org
Library Aide – Mrs. Coreie Baker, Library Aide, corrie.baker@gmsd.org 


Each student comes to the library every other six-day cycle for a 35-minute structured lesson, followed by ten minutes of class time for students to exchange their library books. Teachers may bring students to the library during their guidance week to exchange library books.


Overdue notices are generated weekly to remind the students to return their books. Parents are notified of the price when the book is at least one month overdue. Payment must be made to the library. If a book that has been paid for is found and returned to the library, the money will be refunded.


If a book or magazine is damaged or destroyed, the parent is informed of the cost of the material. When the obligation has been paid, students may begin borrowing books again.