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All students must present a pass from the teacher in charge for admission to the health room (except in cases of emergency).

Students must sign in when entering the health room with the time and class coming from; they must also indicate sign out time when leaving.

Health room personnel are responsible ONLY for illness or injury occurring during school or on the way to and from school.

The following guidelines must be followed for medication to be administered during school hours:

  • Bring medication to the health room. (Several days’ medication may be sent at one time.)
  • Include a “Request to Administer Medication During School Hours” form, which includes the child’s name, name of medication, date and time of administration, dosage, name of doctor and parent signature. To view this form, click here.
  • All prescription drugs will be kept in the Health Room.

All parents are required to complete, sign, and return a Health Maintenance form for each child, listing the places where parents may be contacted during the school day, a responsible neighbor or relative, their family physician and dentist and any medical problems that might affect their child. The parent(s) signature gives the school permission to treat their child.

Health services at the Middle School will include:

  • physical examinations – pre-sports participation.
  • dental examination – grade 7
  • height and weight measurements – grades 7 and 8
  • vision screening – grades 7 and 8
  • hearing tests – grade 7
  • scoliosis screening – grade 7

Parents are asked to contact the nurse with changes in work, doctors, and emergency numbers throughout the year. Please contact the nurse with updates on immunizations as your child receives them in order to keep health records up-to-date.