Kim Murray graduated from West Chester University.  While there, she studied Elementary Education and was a member of the women’s basketball team. Highlights to her college career include her student teaching experience in the Coatesville School District and playing basketball in the South of France with her basketball team. Following college, she taught 6th grade for ten years at the Governor Mifflin Intermediate School.  After gaining valuable experience as a teacher and earning her Masters in School Counseling K-12 from West Chester University, Kim worked at the Governor Mifflin Middle School for two years as a school counselor before finding the Governor Mifflin High School as her new home. In addition to working as a high school counselor, she also coaches Middle School Field Hockey. Her love of learning and passion for sports started while she was a student in the Governor Mifflin School District. In her spare time, Kim enjoys running, working out, golfing, reading, traveling, visiting her grandfather in New York, and spending time with family and friends.

2021-2022 Assignments

Mrs. Kathy Schoenen
Grade 9: A-Dc
Grade 10: A-Ca; La-Le
Grade 11: A-Fo
Grade 12: A-Do

Ms. Kim Murray
Grade 9: Dd-J
Grade 10: Cb-Gs
Grade 11: Fp-Lc
Grade 12: Dp-Jc

Mrs. Kimberly Gibson
Grade 9: K-Mq
Grade 10: Gt-K
Grade 11: Ld-Ma
Grade 12: Jd-Ld

Mrs. Stephanie Conner
Grade 9: Mr-Rr
Grade 10: Ma-Ro
Grade 11: Mr-Se
Grade 12: Ma-Ru

Ms. Kristin Sell
Grade 9: Rz-Z
Grade 10: Lf-Lz; Rp-Z
Grade 11: Mb-Mq; Sf-Z
Grade 12: Lo-Lz; Rv-Z

Governor Mifflin High School home

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Guidance Secretary
Phone: 610-775-5089
Fax: 610-603-2280

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