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Mifflin Park has established three expectations everyone should abide by while in our school. 

School Rules
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be Safe

Expected Behaviors for Rules

Be Responsible: follow adult directions the first time, include others, share with others, help others, report problems

Be Respectful: keep hands, feet, and objects to self, use kind words, ears ready to listen, use polite words, take turns, allow others to be different

Be Safe: walk at all times, use material and equipment appropriately

A school-wide system of support has been established that teaches, provides opportunities to practice, and acknowledges student progress in meeting school expectations.
In order to maintain a safe, secure learning environment for all students, expectations regarding behavior and disciplinary action and consequences must be established and defined clearly.  In the event disciplinary action must be taken, school district policy provides guidelines for appropriate disciplinary action.

These expectations should be demonstrated by all people who are in the building and are expected across all settings.  

The following Matrix describes the expectation and settings at Mifflin Park:


Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behavior based on a Response to Intervention (RtII) model. PBIS applies evidence-based programs, practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish a positive school culture.

PBIS is a framework for creating and sustaining an effective school-wide behavior system. Unlike a behavior plan or program, the emphasis of a behavior system is on preventing problems and providing a comprehensive, consistent method for demonstrating expectations. Shifting the focus to prevention minimizes behavioral problems and increases academic time for students. When this type of system is fully in place:  

    • Staff are more consistent in their expectations and actions.
    • Students and staff are positively recognized for demonstrating expectations.
    • Families and the community know these expectations.
    • A more positive relationship exists between and among staff and students.
    • Focus is on an educational approach to teaching, modeling and acknowledging expectations.

The school wide expectations are used to define appropriate behaviors in various school settings.  Students are taught what appropriate actions look like in each setting.  Mifflin Park will focus on the four behavioral expectations across seven settings as listed in the matrix.  The behaviors within the matrix are positively stated and easy to remember.   Parental support in using similar language and defining additional settings outside of school is encouraged.


Reinforcing positive social behavior is an important step in a student’s educational experience.  To this end it is vital that a child knows where he/she stands as a result of his/her actions.  Mifflin Park Elementary does not use a color change system, but will instead communicate observable behaviors directly with parents via, email, telephone or journal.  

When a student’s behavior warrants or he/she is having trouble learning a desired expectation an “I Goofed Note” or “Office Discipline referral will be used.  Behaviors documented on either are seen by the principal and tracked by a School Wide Information System. 

 An “I Goofed Note” is used when a teacher wants to inform parents that a child had difficulty following the school wide expectations even after being redirected.  The student will have an area to write how he/she will improve their behavior. The form is in triplicate with a copy going to the office, the parent, and the teacher.

An Office Discipline Referral This form is used when the teacher wants the office and parents to know that the behavior is either more serious in nature and/or continues to be present.

All behavior will be tracked via the “Office Discipline Referral” form and the “I Goofed Notes.”  If data shows a student to be struggling with an expectation at a particular time, in a particular setting, or with a specific behavior, the student will be taught/re-taught and practice the desired expectation.   The primary intent of the continuum is to remind the adult in charge that expectations need to be taught/re-taught/practiced.


This year we are continuing a new Positive Behavior Incentive for Mifflin Park.  It is entitled Be a DayMaker Every Day!  We will reinforce with students how they can be DayMakers in every setting…in the classroom, at lunch, at recess, at home, and on the bus.  Each day every Mifflin Park student who follows the school-wide expectations can earn DayMaker Dollars.  Every month, our Kindness Cart full of prizes will travel through the Mifflin Park hallways, and students can use their DayMaker Dollars to purchase items from the cart.

Classes can also earn DayMaker Dollars in special classes and at lunch time. 

DayMaker cards are issued by the principal, teachers, or other staff members when a student is exhibiting DayMaker behaviors.

Each Month, classes have a chance to earn a class award in each special class and at lunch.  The class with the most DayMaker Dollars in each month will earn awards like:

Gym – The Golden Sneaker              
Art – The Golden Paintbrush                     
Music-The Golden Note
Library – The Golden Book
Guidance – the Golden Rule    
Lunch-The Golden Lunch Tray
Cleanest Classroom – The Golden Broom

We are hoping all Mifflin Park students learn the importance of being DayMakers!!

Please be aware that …

  • Things that may be harmful to others are not allowed. 
  • Possession of a weapon of any kind, including toys that resemble weapons, will result in an immediate out-of-school suspension and possible expulsion.
  • Fighting is considered a Level Three Offense (defined as a “suspendable offense”).
  • Teasing, bullying, threatening or intimidating classmates or other students are unacceptable and is considered to be a Level Three Offense (defined as a “suspendable offense”).
  • Selling items for purposes other than authorized fundraisers for a non-profit organization is    unacceptable.
  • Gum chewing is not allowed in the school building, on the playground, or on the bus.
  • Toys, balls, electronic toys and devices are to be left at home.
  • Laser pointers or other objects that are potentially dangerous or deemed unsafe by the building administration are not permitted in school.  Such devices will be confiscated and returned only to a parent.  Other disciplinary measures may be taken by the school administration.

Information connected with our discipline policies for when students unfortunately do not meet these expectations can be found in the Mifflin Park Handbook, located on our school homepage.