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Readers and Writers Workshop is a method of instruction that often requires a paradigm shift, a shift from the teacher making all the choices and telling students what to learn within a text, to students making choices, and through practice and application of skills-based lessons, learning as they read and write. Students are exposed to a variety of genres and writing styles, while receiving whole group, small group, and individualized instruction based on class and individual student needs. (


Ready Classroom Mathematics (K–8) is a comprehensive core mathematics program that makes math accessible to all students. Everything works together to support teachers and empower students to connect to mathematics in new ways such as discussion, collaboration, problem-solving, and use of manipulatives. 


In addition to traditional coursework, out students engage in a variety of types of learning opportunities that engage the mind, body, and social emotional development.

    • Guidance: Our Guidance curriculum is also received by all students. These lessons are age appropriate, and provide specific ways to develop students’ social emotional skills as well as by focusing on developmentally appropriate academic, social, and emotional needs.
    • Music: All students participate in a variety of vocal and instrumental experiences. Students learn the main elements of music: beat and rhythm, dynamics and tempo, melody and harmony, form, and tone color. Third graders learn to read music as they play the electronic keyboard and recorders. All fourth grade students participate in a musical performance at the end of the year to commemorate their years as a Mifflin Park student. Fourth grade students are invited to participate in group instructional lessons during the school day.
    • Art: In the Mifflin Park Studio, students will acquire knowledge, understanding and appreciation of visual arts through study, interpretation and art making in a format where they are free to create and express themselves artistically.   Students will have the opportunity to make individual pieces as well as work collaboratively to make lasting works of art in and around our school. Each spring, our hallways come to life with student artwork as a main showcase for the Spring Open House. 
    • PE: Physical education classes introduce students to a variety of activities, games, and sports designed to develop physical and social skills. Your child should wear sneakers and comfortable clothes for exercise and play. If your child needs to be excused from the physical education class (due to illness, injury, etc.), a note from the doctor is needed. The note should specify restrictions and date of return for normal activity. Activities are modified appropriately for students with physical needs.
    • Innovation: All students receive STEM programming 2 times per month. Our STEM based class focuses on 21st century skills, creating engineers, scientists, programmers and visionaries of the future.  More information can be found in the “Innovation” section.
    • Library: All students receive library instruction. More information can be found in the “Library” section.


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) identifies students with concerns that interfere with learning. The SAP team works to promote referrals to the appropriate school and community resources to address the concern. The Governor Mifflin Elementary Schools work closely with mental health professionals from the community and with a Student Assistance Professional from the Caron Foundation. We are able to provide school-based counseling services for qualified students to facilitate positive growth and impact school performance. For information, contact the School Counselor.


We have a team of professionals who meet monthly to determine students who may need additional support in areas such as academics, attendance, or social-emotional development. Referrals to support students are made by Mifflin Park staff who will then gather data on struggling students and determine the best interventions or ways to support them so that they have a successful school year.