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Please refer to our district calendar for kindergarten orientation dates. Please call the main office to schedule your orientation appointment, as we have a limited number of slots for each session (morning and afternoon sessions on both days). Your child will attend 1 of the 4 possible sessions. To schedule, call: 610-898-1489 or email our building secretary Mrs. Petricoin at:

Back-to-School Night

Students will meet their teacher, see their classroom and take a bus ride with the principal and specials teacher. When we return, kindergarteners will enjoy a snack in the cafeteria. Parents will meet briefly with PTO officers, followed by time spent with your kindergarten teacher in your child’s new classroom. (Updated schedule to come.)

Kindergarten Program

Our full-day kindergarten program focuses on developmentally appropriate instruction to grow students’ reading, writing, and math abilities, expand their understanding of science and social studies, and provide opportunities to practice skills independently and with others. Children have opportunities to work and play with peers in both structured instruction and independent work times such as small group work and free play.

Regular attendance in kindergarten is critical. Pennsylvania’s rigorous academic standards require an early focus on emergent literacy and numeracy skills, starting in kindergarten. Our challenging curriculum is delivered to our youngest learners in an effective, fun and engaging way. Success for your child depends on regular attendance throughout the year. Please note that, once your child enrolls at Governor Mifflin, they are subject to the district’s attendance policies and the compulsory attendance laws of Pennsylvania.

Kindergarten Bus Information

To ensure the safety of our youngest students, School District policy requires an adult to be at their kindergartener’s bus stop before we allow a kindergartener to exit the bus. This is very important. The bus cannot wait at a stop for an adult. If an adult is not at the stop, the child will be brought back to the school and the parent will be required to have someone pick them up promptly. Please be sure to be at your child’s stop on time. Keep in mind that bus schedules can vary by a few minutes. You should always plan on being at the bus stop at least five to seven minutes before the scheduled arrival time, just in case the bus arrives early. Also, do not panic if a bus runs late. As with all traffic, an occasional problem may arise to detain the bus.