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Governor Mifflin School District celebrates American Education Week visitation during the Monday and Tuesday before the Thanksgiving vacation break. Parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom to observe the learning environment in the school.


This night is one of the most important events of the school year. It is so critical that we have restructured the evening to occur before the first day and to include students and parents in a short meeting with their new teacher in their new classroom. Following are the details for your Back-to-School experience. 

    • Kindergarten: Students will meet their teacher, see their classroom and take a bus ride with the principal and specials teacher. When we return, kindergarteners will enjoy a snack in the cafeteria. Parents will meet briefly with PTO officers, followed by time spent with your kindergarten teacher in your child’s new classroom. (Updated schedule to come.)
    • First through Fourth Grades: Parents and students come to school together, find their new classroom and participate in a short meeting with the teacher. (Updated schedule to come.)


Birthday books are a special tradition here at Mifflin Park.  Families have the option of donating $10, $20, or $25 to our Mifflin Park Library.  In turn, a new library book is specially selected.  Inside the book is a bookplate with their name and birthdate.  A birthday bookmark is also tucked inside.  Ms. Brumbach visits their homeroom to present them with their special library.  Books are presented on or around their birthdays.  For birthdays in June, July, August, or September, books are presented on the student’s half-birthday.

Please remember, birthday books must be returned to our library since they are part of our library collection.  Students do not keep the birthday books.  After their birthday passes, many students enjoy looking for their birthday book and checking it out again. Look for information to be sent home at the beginning of the school year.


Children display their talents in many ways.  Classroom teachers select a student, or group of students, to be featured at this honorary event.  It is an opportunity for a student to be recognized for their growth in writing, music, art, or their creativity and perseverance.  After students are nominated, an invitation is sent, inviting the students’ family members to attend.  This event is held in the library and the library classroom, hosted by Ms. Brumbach.  It is a great honor to be selected.


In the spring, students participate in a day of activities to demonstrate physical skills and sportsmanship.


As an extension of the classroom, educational field trips are planned throughout the year. Teachers provide information to the parents when field trips are scheduled.


Our K-4 Halloween celebration and parade will be held in the month of October. Parade time will be announced yearly on our school calendar.

Children should bring their costumes in a well-marked bag. Please do not allow your child to wear his/her costume to school. Storybook characters and costumes that will not hinder movement are recommended. Please refrain from violent and/or scary costumes. Children should not carry weapons just as knives, axes, swords, guns, etc. Masks may be worn during the parade only.

If for religious beliefs, you do not want your child to participate in our scheduled activities, please indicate so in writing. Your child’s absence will be marked as excused.


The purpose of this evening event is for parents to become acquainted with their child’s teacher and for the teacher to explain the daily activities and curricula. This event occurs very early in the school year.


In the spring, every student has a piece of artwork displayed throughout the halls of Mifflin Park. This activity is held in conjunction with the annual Book Fair. Parents are encouraged to attend this event.


Morning announcements start our school day. Students in second and third grades volunteer as members of a weekly News Team. In addition to the announcements, the weather, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a patriotic song are lead by News Team members.


In the spring, parents have the opportunity to visit classrooms during Open House nights. Examples of student projects and other accomplishments of the year are on display. Teachers highlight the academic progress of the children.


Mifflin Park Elementary hosts Preschool Storytimes in the library. Storytimes begin at 6:30 p.m. There is no pre-registration to attend. All dates subject to change due to inclement weather. Please refer to the district calendar for dates.


The first-grade students are fortunate to be able to participate in this program through the generosity of the UGI Corporation and the PTO.

Three book giveaways occur during the course of the year and revolve around a theme. The children participate in several lessons before the giveaway – a library lesson at the time of the giveaway and a follow-up activity involving parental participation.