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Transition Timeline for the PA Core-Aligned PSSA

July 2010: State Board of Education adopts Common Core State Standards, the first update to Pennsylvania standards since 1999. Forty-three states, Washington, D.C., four territories, and Department of Defense schools have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

September 2013: State Board of Education adopts final standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics to meet PA Core.

November 2013: The Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) approves final-form revisions to Chapter 4, including the PA Core Standards.

March 2014: PA Core Standards published in Pennsylvania Bulletin and become part of Chapter 4 regulations.

Spring 2014: Field testing begins for new PA Core-aligned questions on the PSSA.

April 2015: Pennsylvania administers new PA Core-aligned PSSAs in grades 3-8 in ELA and Math.

June 6-9, 2015: Team of 58 Pennsylvania educators gathers to engage in standard setting (cut-scores).

June 19, 2015: A focus group of district and building-level administrators reviews the work of the standard setting group.At the recommendation of the State Board, two independent validators monitor the standard setting process.

July 7-8, 2015: State Board of Education meets to approve new PSSA cut-scores.

July 23, 2015: Superintendents receive district/student PSSA data files.

September 2015: Parents receive student PSSA results.

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