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Our commitment…

The Governor Mifflin School District believes that students should feel safe coming to school. We believe that safe and successful schools go beyond security measures. The district uses an ongoing approach to assess our efforts to provide an environment that accounts for both the psychological and physical safety of our students and staff. Work is done daily to reaffirm our commitment to this ongoing and ever-evolving effort. The following is a dynamic representation of the work that is being done and that will continue to develop as we review our practices and further strengthen this commitment. We have divided the work into four key areas, each with efforts that are collaborative across buildings, departments, and staff.

Facilities that keep our students and staff secure

  • Building security checks are conducted and documented on each shift and on weekends.
  • All maintenance requests that compromise security are reported directly to the Governor Mifflin Director of Operations and are addressed immediately.
  • A district safety committee conducts monthly safety audits on individual buildings.

Education as our best prevention

  • Within the first month of each school year, all Pre-K-12 student will be oriented to expectations and practices regarding keeping each other safe and secure.
  • The district will continue to provide updated, relevant and timely resources to help our families be well informed, well resourced, and well positioned to guide their students through various topics surrounding school safety and overall student health.
  • Instruction in various health and citizenship topics will continue to be embedded in the Pre-K-12 curriculum to help provide students with the tools to help them navigate and feel empowered in various situations and challenges.

Collaborating with our community

  • The district will maintain open and timely communication with families and community members based upon the assessment of the relevance and scope of the information.
  • The district will maintain multiple active communication channels (i.e., mass messaging system, social media, website) and in an emergency situation, will provide information through these channels to ensure accurate and pertinent information reaches the community quickly.
  • The district will continue to promote open two-way communication between staff, students and community members so that information can be reported, rather than repeated.

Learning, practicing, and staffing for our response

  • The district has established and will maintain an active safety committee focused on issues of security, workplace hazards, and the overall safety of our school environment.
  • All full-time and part-time staff will successfully complete the district’s active intruder training. New hires will receive the training quarterly as part of the on-boarding process.
  • Students and staff will practice a variety of incident responses (fire drill, active intruder, severe weather) through regular and supervised drills on a monthly basis.
  • All staff will review the district’s All Hazard’s Plan annually and review expectations for incidence response at the beginning of each school year.