ConnectED is now Skylert: Update your information

Melissa Fullerton
By Melissa Fullerton October 18, 2019 15:38


As part of the ongoing move to consolidate our operations into one data management system, we will be moving away from ConnectED and to a new messaging system called “Skylert.”

What does the new system mean for parents and guardians?
All GM families will now be able to update and maintain their Skylert contact information by logging into your Skyward account. That means that you can view or change your Skylert phone numbers and email at any time without contacting your child’s school.

How do non-custodial parents make sure they are in the Skylert system?
With the move to Skyward/Skylert, non-custodial parents are able to get their own login to Skyward. Contact your child’s school and they will issue you your own login information. When you log in to Skyward, click on the Skylert tab and add/update your contact information.

Can I get text messages with Skylert?
Yes! In addition to phone calls and emails, Skylert will send text messages (when district administrators choose to include that as part of a message).

You can enter a number for text messaging when you update or enter your contact information in Skyward. You should then receive an Opt In message to your phone. Please be sure to follow the directions to complete the opt in process.

For additional information on opting into text messaging, click here.


Step 1: Log in to Skyward Family Access. You will now see a tab for Skylert. Click the Skylert tab.

Step 2: Here is where you can view and/or update your contact information for Skylert. Click the check marks under Attendance and General to designate where you would like to receive those types of calls. You can ignore the columns marked Staff and Survey as they are not used. Click Save to save your changes.

Important Notes

• Parents/guardians can update Skylert information any time by logging into your Skyward account. You don’t have to call your child’s school to make changes if you get a new phone or need to update a phone number or email address. Any changes made to Skylert take effect when the system refreshes every night after midnight.

• Non-custodial parents who want to be added to the Skylert call list, should contact your child’s school to receive your own Skyward login information. Once you have a Skyward login, you can enter and manage your Skylert contact information by following the directions above.

Melissa Fullerton
By Melissa Fullerton October 18, 2019 15:38