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In considering moving forward with a facilities study, the district recognized that there have been no major improvements to the secondary campus, primarily Governor Mifflin High School and Governor Mifflin Middle School, in more than a decade. Both buildings have a high volume of daily traffic. Combined, more than 2,000 students and 300 staff members utilize the buildings daily. The facilities are also used for community events for dozens of activities year round.

In Task 1 of the study, architects evaluated the structures primarily looking at ADA compliance, code, and system and structure life cycles (HVAC, roofs, etc…). Throughout Task 2 and Task 3 of the study, architects will conduct a deeper evaluation of the buildings to see how they currently serve students and staff in the learning process and will make recommendations for changes that could better accommodate current and future educational activities.

Below is a timeline of the life cycle of the Middle School and High School buildings.


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